Review: Clinique Take the day off makeup remover for lids, lashes & lips.

A sales rep at an airport a few months ago stupidly told me they didn't sell Bi-Facil, more on that in a sec, so then I went to try something else out. Heading in the direction of the Clinique shelves to look for this product anyway, I came across hundreds of it in a hamper on a really great offer, so I picked one up. Later on passing by the Lancome stand I did see the Bi-Facil after all, silly sales rep woman, who doesn't stock Bi-Facil?! So I bought both, I simply couldn't resist a great offer, trying a new product, and I have to admit I just loved the purple!

Review: Eucerin Repair Hand Creme

Who doesn't like Eucerin products? I mean, it might not be all that with bells on, but if your looking for a simple, no scent, no irritation, does exactly what it says product, eucerin usually delivers.


Review: Lancome Hydra Zen and Hydra Zen Nuit

I originally bought these products last year, and before moving house moved the remaining product into these empty sample pots I had previously recieved with purchase (One of the best parts of buying Lancome is there's almost always a generous gift on offer). After having used them for about 2 months my skin started breaking out like it hadn't since I was a teenager, and so I stopped using them and went on a desperate money spending spree for products that would help clear my skin up.

I forgot about these creams until last week when I dug them back up and decided to finish them up as they do cost quite a lot of money. My skin is very sensitive, so in theory these calming creams should be perfect for me.


Battle of the: Foundations!

*Updated on Feb 29th! See bottom!
It's an exciting time for my makeup drawer and train case as I am completely out of foundation (almost).

Excitement: Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser

This very exciting new product from Nars is already available at Nordstrom in the US, perhaps widely available by now, you should have a look, but here in Europe it will only be available in stores in March. It is available on the Nars website though!


All used up: Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation Primer


So, I am not sure what happened here exactly. When I purchased this in London aprox April last year, I did store my makeup on a wardrobe next to a window. Then that wonderful short summer period came with beaming bright warm sun, only to disappear until the fall. The point is, no wonder I've used this up, it's so runny only holding it with the opening down, no pressing or squeezing required, and it's pouring out from the bottle in full speed!

All used up: Loreal Extra Volume Collagene Mascara

I am actually giving up on this, it's not expired or finished, I just can't be bothered with it anymore.

All used up: Chanel Pro Lumiere


I am writing this post to prepare myself for what will inevitably happen in a short time. My Chanel Pro Lumier Foundation in 40 Sand will be empty and it won't be coming back. I've struggled back and forth with getting backups, but feel a bit uneasy about stocking up on liquid foundations as they definitely do expire. That being said, loyalty isn't my strong suit when it comes to beauty products and I am a bit excited to try something new when it's gone as well, I have had this foundation for a little over a year now.

Review: Maybelline Color Tattoos

This is probably the 2,756,075th post on this new surprise hit from the Loreal owned company, but I will add my two cents to the mix.


Review: Iris Apfel for MAC Collection - The lipsticks (3 of them)

A bit late posting about this one, but I still want to do a post on these magnificent little wonders. I purchased 3 lipsticks from the collection, the shades Flamingo, Party Parrot and Pink Pidgeon.
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