All used up: Chanel Pro Lumiere


I am writing this post to prepare myself for what will inevitably happen in a short time. My Chanel Pro Lumier Foundation in 40 Sand will be empty and it won't be coming back. I've struggled back and forth with getting backups, but feel a bit uneasy about stocking up on liquid foundations as they definitely do expire. That being said, loyalty isn't my strong suit when it comes to beauty products and I am a bit excited to try something new when it's gone as well, I have had this foundation for a little over a year now.

The standout quality of this foundation is the amazing natural dewyness it gives. Now you have to be a lover of luminous dewy moisturised looking skin like me, if you prefer a matte look then this would of course be a bad match and not what you would be looking for, Mat Lumier would be more your cup of tea, though that's been discontinued as well I think? I also love the thin consistensy, it doesn't feel or look cakey on the skin. There's not much coverage when you first apply it, but it is somewhat buildable. I prefer going over with a concealer where I need it rather than using a full coverage foundation, but that is just my personal preference.

Writing a full lenght in-depth review I guess would be a little lost on most of you now as it is discontinued, but I wanted to write a little something on it anyway. When the bottle does eventually soon finish, I will be on the hunt for something to replace it with and will document here as I go along! Suggestions are more than welcome!

I wanted to swatch the foundation for you guys to show you the consistency, a pump here and blended below. Now obviously the shade is way too dark for my skin when I swatched this, so it seems orange but it's absolutely not!


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