All used up: Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation Primer


So, I am not sure what happened here exactly. When I purchased this in London aprox April last year, I did store my makeup on a wardrobe next to a window. Then that wonderful short summer period came with beaming bright warm sun, only to disappear until the fall. The point is, no wonder I've used this up, it's so runny only holding it with the opening down, no pressing or squeezing required, and it's pouring out from the bottle in full speed!
I quickly Macgyvered to store it upside down and to also open it that way, but I'm sure a whole lot of product got wasted until I finally stopped forgetting not to do this. Back to the summer in London thing, my wonder is if the primer really is this runny, or if I accidentally had left it by the sunny windows and ruined it that way?

That being said, it's a truly wonderful product. Should the sun have made the primer runny, it sure as hell didn't wreck the actual product as this is one primer I really want to re-purchase. However, in the oil-free version. But that is a personal choice, I have no complaints on this purchase what-so-ever. The bottle is all finished now, but as I've been attending make up school monday to friday since september, where I can not wear make up as we practic on each other, I don't think it would have lasted that long with everyday wear. I've also used other primers on occasion, yet this one mainly. I could guess 3-4 months of regular use, but that is a complete shot in the dark so don't quote me on it.

I've used this as my everyday primer. It isn't supposed to lift and firm, tone, brighten, illuminate or what-gives you. It's just an all around good primer that does everything a primer should do. It makes for a smoother canvas for when my foundation goes on, and it makes it stay on for much longer. Laura Mercier for some reason is not available anywhere I live and nowhere will ship it to me, so unfortunately I can not re-purchase, but given the opportunity I definitely would.


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