Review: Iris Apfel for MAC Collection - The lipsticks (3 of them)

A bit late posting about this one, but I still want to do a post on these magnificent little wonders. I purchased 3 lipsticks from the collection, the shades Flamingo, Party Parrot and Pink Pidgeon.
My first obsession was Flamingo, it's an easy to wear shade, it's not by any means a bright pink, but it's still got that "pop" to it that makes it more interesting. Another pleasant surprise was how it stains my lips. After a few hours of wear and tear, the lipstick will be mostly gone, but my lips are left looking like I have the most amazingly pinky natural colour to my lips. Beautiful!

Then I truly discovered the magic of Party Parrot. I have tons and tons and tons of red lipstick, and I love my bright lipcolours. Yet this one is such a stand out shade, it looks to be a 50/50 mix of bright red and bright pink, almost neon, but manages to still be classy. As much as I love an elegant dark red lip, this is a very refreshing and more young take on the classic look. I almost decided to get a back up, but as it seems Impassioned from their permanent line up is an almost exact dupe, I get to keep my money for a little longer.

Pink Pidgeon is a shade I was not sure I should have bought as it doesn't seem like such an original shade, but the formulas were so amazing I just couldn't pass it up. I did steer clear of ANOTHER red (Scarlet Ibis), but that was just so I had a bit of a proud moment there. That being said, it is a kick-ass colour, and I am hoping this will be great when spring finally decides to come out from wherever it's hiding. The lipsticks are such high quality I predict this will be another favourite soon. I haven't actually worn the shade yet, as it's just too cold for bright pink. I am barely wearing make up these days as it is,(I must arrive make up free to my make up school for when I am someones model) but I am very excited to try it hopefully very soon.

Regarding the formula and texture of the lipsticks itself, I have no complaints. They go on like a dream, full opacity straight away. In terms of staying power, on my lips they dont wear off and leave me with that awkward line around my mouth, but instead the intensity fades, yet there is still even colour on my lips. That's through kissing, eating and drinking I might add, so if you really don't want to touch up your lipstick, just don't put anything in or around your mouth and I'm sure it will last until you remove it yourself!

Below are some pictures and swatches for you! :)



Pink Pidgeon, Flamingo, Party Parrot

Party Parrot


Pink Pidgeon

 Swatches from left; Party Parrot, Flamingo and Pink Pidgeon.

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