Review: Maybelline Color Tattoos

This is probably the 2,756,075th post on this new surprise hit from the Loreal owned company, but I will add my two cents to the mix.

I restrained myself and only bought On and On Bronze and Permanent Taupe to begin with. I really wanted the orange one, Fierce & Tangy, but they didn't stock it where I got them, but hopefully will soon! I am hoping the orange will really make my blue eyes pop! I also ended up getting Timeless black later for a black smokey eye look at school.

Interestingly I have found that in the US these shades are called On and On Bronze - Bad to the Bronze, Permanent Taupe - Tough as Taupe and Audacious Asphalt - Timeless Black. I am not sure why the names are different here in France where I am living at the moment, or if it's just here or all over Europe.

So far my favourite is On and On Bronze/Bad to the Bronze, it's is such a wearable shade on it's own, and is similar to my HG cream shadow by Shu Uemura in "P brown". The wear of these are just fantastic and I must say it really is true, they are quite reminiscent in texture and feel as the famous Mac Paint Pots, and I love my Mac Paint Pots! I have worn them from early morning until taking my make up off before going to bed, and was truly amazed that the color was just where I placed it this morning. No moving, no smudging, no creasing, just as if I had applied it 5 minutes ago.

If this is a preview of what's to come next from the drugstore brands I am truly intrigued! In the last few years cheaper brands have truly started to amaze me more and more. I remember just a few years ago when a drugstore eyeshadow ment poor colour payoff and just a powdery horrible mess. That is not the case anymore, and while it is taking some time to get over this prenotion I think most of us have about drugstore brands, and rightly so, if they continue to roll out releases like this, I see no reason to pay 3 times the price for something that sometimes isn't even half this good.

From left; On and On Bronze/Bad to the Bronze, Permanent Taupe/Tough as Taupe and Audacious Asphalt/Timeless Black.

From left; On and On Bronze/Bad to the Bronze, Permanent Taupe/Tough as Taupe and Audacious Asphalt/Timeless Black.

From the top; Audacious Asphalt/Timeless Black, Permanent Taupe/Tough as Taupe and On and On Bronze/Bad to the Bronze.

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