Review: Clinique Take the day off makeup remover for lids, lashes & lips.

A sales rep at an airport a few months ago stupidly told me they didn't sell Bi-Facil, more on that in a sec, so then I went to try something else out. Heading in the direction of the Clinique shelves to look for this product anyway, I came across hundreds of it in a hamper on a really great offer, so I picked one up. Later on passing by the Lancome stand I did see the Bi-Facil after all, silly sales rep woman, who doesn't stock Bi-Facil?! So I bought both, I simply couldn't resist a great offer, trying a new product, and I have to admit I just loved the purple!

The Clinique take the day off is supposed to be for all skin types, safe even for contact lense wearers and claims to remove even waterproof mascara. I don't own or wear waterproof mascara,so I can't testify to either or on that one, but I can confirm that it doesn't sting my super sensitive eyes, the oil part of it feels nice and gentle on my eyes and it does do a spectacular job of removing my eye makeup.

To remove my mascara and eye makeup I simply flip the bottle upside down onto a cotton pad and hold it over my eyes and lashes for as long as I have patience to. I do need to do some gentle rubbing to get everything of my bottom lashes, but barely and it's gone in one quick swipe motion. The oil as mentioned feels really comfortable and soothing on my eyes and doesn't sting one bit. I don't really use it to remove lipstick with but I'm pretty sure it would work fine for that too. I use the Bioderma cleansing water on my face in case anyone was wondering, I will do a review about that sometime as well.

My only complaint is due to packaging. While I love the purple see through and how it looks on my bathroom counter, I hate the cap. It really is sometimes a bit of an annoyance to get both on and off and the neat freak in me doesn't like how it always look to not be completely screwed on.

Regardless though, I can easily overlook the cap and will probably purchase this again in the future. It is very comparable to all-time favourite bi-facil, and I think it will just come down to which one has the better offer!


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