Review: Eucerin Repair Hand Creme

Who doesn't like Eucerin products? I mean, it might not be all that with bells on, but if your looking for a simple, no scent, no irritation, does exactly what it says product, eucerin usually delivers.
This product in particular was a gift bought for me by my mother, knowing I suffer from extremely dry hands unless I stick to a strict hand moisturising regime (Meaning heavy application of very moisturising cream at night, and throughout the day as needed, a minimum of three times). I also do it out of vanity, to prevent ageing. The hands are the one thing you can't fix when you get older, and one of the first things to go. Might seem a tad excessive to some, but it makes me happy. My personal "motto" or something of the sort, is that even though my beauty regime and general up-keep might seem tiring and time consuming to some, I enjoy it, and I highly doubt that on my 40th birthday I will ever regret taking such good care of myself. Even if I look horrendous, I believe I would have looked 10 times worse had I not taken the steps that I have.

But enough about that and back to this lovely hand cream. It is said to be for dry skin and "smoothes dry and extrmely dry rough hands". It is also fragrance-free and promotes a "5% Karbamid" quite heavily all over the front of it's packaging. After doing some research it seems that altough everything else on the packaging is still in english, this part has been translated into the norwegian term, and that the english versions say "5% Urea". I have no idea what urea is or means, and upon first hearing the word I must admit I rather childlessly find it to sound less than appealing. It could be simply due to words semi close relation to urine and words of the sort. But then I did some research on urea and it does sound rather nice. It is described in various places as a natural moisturising substance that occurs naturally in healthy skin, where dry skin lacks it.

Onto the product itself and my less technical, more personal viewpoints. I love this hand cream. Just love it. Unlike so many other hand creams for dry hands, the formula is a very interesting sort. The consistensy reminds me sort of of the Porefessional primer by Benefit. It sinks right into the skin, doesn't leave a greasy layer or residue but still keeps hands moisturised for a good long time. Unlike other creams where your hands stay soft for an hour or two, and then you need to re-apply. If you don't know what I am talking about, first take a second and smile that you are lucky :) and then maybe you can relate to this feeling in terms of lip balms?

Will I re-purchase? Yes and no. I have thicker creams for use at night time and prefer my day creams all to have SPF in them, and this doesn't, so that's a huge minus for me. However, to wear around the house it really does a tremendous job and I wouldn't be surprised if I do pick a new one up when this one's done.


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