All used up: Clinique Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturiser for Dry/Combination Skin

After hearing many good things about the Clinique Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturiser for a long time I bought this last fall to help my skin through the winter months.

Winter time my skin is a bit of a complicated story. It is severely dehydrated from heating, cold weather and general harsh weather conditions. It is still a tad oily in the t-zone and still sensitive and prone to redness. I don't like a heavy moisturiser by day as it will be too heavy on my normal/oily parts and won't work under makeup. If I do have a very dry skin day, I do of course slather on some heavy stuff in the day, but in general I like to use heavy moisturisers only at night. Being for Dry/Combination skin I thought this would be perfect. And it really kind of was.

When using this initially I would wake up with perfectly moisturised, comfortable skin with a bit of radiance. But in the long run it would end up being too much, my skin would get too oily and I would get small blemishes here and there. In the end I would use this after exfoliating or whenever my skin needed that extra boost, and used like that it really worked wonders.

I finished the bottle a few weeks ago meaning it lasted me 6-7 months, but not with everyday use. I don't think I will re-purchase this one as it is quite expensive and it didn't really work with my skin, though I would highly recommend it for people with more dry or severely dehydrated skin in the winter time (though they do have one for Dry to Very Dry skin), I also imagine it would be a very good night moisturiser for women in their late 20's/early 30's to help with the early signs of ageing. In the end I think this is an amazing moisturiser, it's just not for my skin and that's alright. I did enjoy using it, but I want to try and find something that suits my skin for everyday use.


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