Review: Giorgio Armani Sheer Bronzer in 1 Brown Sand


Well, it's been quite the rollercoaster with this product, but I have to say that as we near the end of our time together, when we had our differences, I was completely in the wrong.

From looking at this bronzer straight in the pan it looks just about 15 shades too dark for my skin. Even when I'm tan it would be very hard to pull this off. Or so it seems. It is entirely different when it's applied to the face. You need to find the correct brush, have a light hand and you need to learn to work with this product. That's what I learned. I use this to contour my cheek bones, nose and jawbone. It is fairly pigmented so you must be careful not to end up with 'Snickers bars' down along the sides of your face. When applied with a very light hand using minimal product, on a small brush (I use the Sam Chapman 'Real Techniques' contouring brush and it's the perfect size for my face) and blending very, very well, it instantly gives you cheekbones you thought never possible! It really is that amazing. I wouldn't recommend it for everyday use, it is a look I reserve for night time and going out, though that is of course a personal choice!

The powder itself is beautifully soft and so finelly milled. It makes me very interested in looking at other Armani powder products in the future. It stays on well, add a setting spray on top for extra miles (I use Urban Decay All Nighter for nights out and it works great, review to come!). At £31.00 I'd say it's fairly normally priced for a high end product. The only downside is I found it 'hardened' in the pan after a few months. I found I could use the back of my brush to crush it back into powder form and then it works like a charm! It comes in classic Armani packaging, a slim round black compact with a mirror inside the top and with 'Giorgio Armani' written in shiny black on the sides.

Will I buy again? Absolutely! I can't imagine ever being without this product!

 I have in the picture above swatched the powder very heavily to get it to show up on camera, and below blended it out a bit more. It is still much heavier than I would ever wear it on my face. It has no orangey cast when worn light on the face, though it seems to appear so here.


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