All used up: Lancome Flash Bronzer Self-Tanner Face Gel

This product, promising "record application", whatever that means, has been a staple in my beauty routine for about a year and a half now. Having converted fully to the everyday high SPF anti sun group, I have resorted to self tanners to provide a much needed glow to my face that otherwise leaves me looking sallow, tired and half dead.

I use this at night, before bed, after I have let my moisturiser sink in properly and thus get to wake up to a healthier glow the next morning. I use it the night after I have done my evening exfoliation mask and it's worked great, never giving me a patchy orangey obvious self tanned face or anything of the sort. However..

While I love the very natural, and almost fool proof it seems, healthy glow it gives, that's all it gives, and is ever going to get you. If you are thinking about layering it for some extra oomph of colour, think again, because it doesn't work. That's when you wake up to the oompa loompa patchy orangey face. And nobody wants that face. Nobody wants to see it, and certainly don't want it on your face. It's embarrasing, to say the least. Thank god for make up that can cover it up, but your face still doesn't quite look right.

The point I am trying to make is, that this doesn't seem to work very well as an actual self tanner, just a complexion enhancing type product for added glow and healthy looking skin (Sorry for my extensive over-use of the word 'glowy' in this post, but I can't think of any proper synonyms, and radiant is just too much). While that is great, if what your looking for is a bit of colour to get you through winter, I'd have to recommend looking elsewhere.

I do still love it for what it is, and the results are great. The little bottle has lasted an amazingly long time and it's still not all gone, and never seems like it will. In the future I think I would re-purchase this for use in the summer as more of a way to enhance the tan I've already got, or to add a bit of radiance (yay, different word) to a tan achieved with a different product in the winter time.



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