All used up: Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

This is a very sad moment for me. I am sitting here writing this, dreading the moment when I actually have to throw this in the trash and must come to the realisation that this fairytale has come to an end. Laura Mercier has quite a few "cult items" in her collection, and I have to say that personally, what I've tried so far, I've loved. Loved Loved Loved.

A few times, you would obviously hope for more, looking at companies claims you would think a lot more, but a few times, you will buy a product and the first time you try it on, there comes that three second pause when you lean back, a smile creaps slowly over your face and you nod to yourself thinking 'WOW!.. this is amazing..'. And you know that you can never be without this product. You probably will, another product comes along, your convinced it's better, sometimes it turns out it wasn't, it changes a few weeks in and you long for what you once had.. but enough about that. We've all been there.

The Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation is such a product. It's a full coverage foundation, make no mistake. But still somehow manages to look natural and dewy. Unlike most full coverage foundations, it doesn't cake up, it doesn't irritate or dry your skin out, it's not matte.. This is the foundation that made a deal with the devil, because it goes above and beyond what most has tried and failed to do. My love letter should end here, I think you all get the idea, this is one of my absolute favourite, or "Holy Grail" if you will, foundations.

On the more technical side, it comes in a handy medium sized plastic tube, normal Laura Mercier brown colour, with the name written on the front. The lightweight packaging makes it ideal for taking with you in your makeup bag, purse, travelling, wherever. You squeeze the product out and I think controlling the amount of product you get is very easy. It comes in 10 different shades, I have the shade 'Medium Ivory', ranging from fair to tan, darker skin tones missing out as usual, and unfortunately. I apply it with a sponge, as is recommended. It doesn't contain any SPF which in my opinion is fine as it means I can use it for events where there will be photographs taken.

One downside, yes there is one, the product expires, and it really expires. There is actually a little bit left in the tube, but it has started to have a gross smell, and there's no way I'm putting that on my face, so it has to go. I bought the foundation a little less than a year ago now, so it doesn't have too long of a life. That being said, I'm not sure how long it had been sitting in the department store (I think it was John Lewis?) prior to me buying it. It's still a worthwhile foundation. I haven't been using much foundation the past couple months as I've been attending make up school where I can't wear make up as I'm lending my face for others to practice, but I'm sure that if I had been wearing make up daily this would have been long gone before any bad smelling happened. I guess it's a foundation you must use when you buy, and not something you stuff away in your droor and take out again a year later. But you shouldn't really do that with any foundation, regardless of if it's smelling or not. It's still technincally expired.

The text from the tube:

"The ultimate in flawless natural coverage.
Silk Creme Foundation is a beautiful, light-diffusing formula offering advanced light-reflection properties which cause fine lines and wrinkles to optically vanish. Laura created an innovative foundation that delivers flawless, buildable coverage in a long wearing rich hydrating base"

I can't speak for whether or not it covers fine lines and wrinkles, as I don't have any, but it definitely hides my pores, pigmentation and whatever blemish I might have. It is definitely buildable as they say, and while I'm not sure if it's hydrating, it's definitely not drying and very, very comfortable to wear. In regards to it being long-wearing, I don't see this lasting too long on it's own, but with a good primer it stays on for as good as the primer is. It of course depends on if your skin is very oily as well. It contains 1.18 fl. oz/35 ml for $42.00 (LauraMercier.com)/£33.00 (spacenk.com).

Will I buy again? Definitely.

 Swatch of the shade 'Medium Ivory'

 Got a bit more on my hand than necessary, so mind the very heavy swatch. It makes it look quite unnatural here, but it's just too much product. I thought I'd still post it as I feel it still gives a good view on the dewy finish it has and I think you can still tell how natural it looks, though with less product!



  1. Great review! I'll definitely be considering buying this foundation!


  2. What shade are you in Mac foundations?

    1. No idea unfortunately! I had one a few years back, but it oxidized on me and so I never got another one since, as their known for doing that across the board if you get it with one. Sorry! x


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