All used up: Urban Decay Primer Potion

I've had this primer for quite some time and it's finally ready to say it's goodbyes.
Now there's probably a lot still in there, but due to the bad packaging it's impossible to know and nearly impossible to get out. Urban Decay has changed the packaging since I got this though, so that's a bit of a mute point as of now. So some praise is well deserved for Urban Decay who listened to their customer's complaints about packaging and changed it!

But now for my review on the product itself. It's hardly a shocking opinion I have, the product is great. I apply eyeshadow on top of the primer and the eyeshadow is in place with the colour almost as vibrant as when just applied, many many hours later. It should be noted that I haven't really struggled with oily lids until recently when I've been using a heavier eyecream. That is when this has really "come to the rescue"!

There is only one complaint I have. It's glue like abilities makes it very difficult to blend shadows on top of it. Personally when I use it I only ever apply it onto my lower lid, and not too much through my crease so I don't have a massive problem with this. Still, when I am planning on doing a more complicated eye look, I opt for the Too Faced eyeshadow primer "Shadow Insurance", which is my personal favourite. The Too Faced keeps the shadows in check throughout the day and/or night almost just as well, and is more blendable. But if I am doing a more simple wash of color over my lid, perhaps a winged eyeliner look, or a natural one for work/school/everyday, I go for the Primer Potion as it is better at keeping the shadow and color for longer, but it's not by too much. If you struggle with very oily lids, I would personally recommend the Urban Decay Primer Potion as it is the "stronger" one.

In the end I like to have them both on hand and use them for different looks. I am not going to run out and get another Primer Potion the second it runs out, I still have the Too Faced one and do prefer it in the end. That's not to say I might miss the Urban Decay when it's gone. Until then I do have a few minis lying around from palettes!

 Above I have swatched the primer quite heavily on my hand, and below blended it out. It's hardly noticeable on it's own, except for a slight sheen.


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  1. this is the one I`m using at the moment as well. xx



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