Excitement: Chanel 'Notorious'

I have been excitedly roaming the net for more information on this upcoming product from Chanel, and here is what I've found.

How brilliant! I am already in love! There isn't much information on this new product, just a few pictures and mentions as it was used at Chanel's Paris Fashion Week Fall 2012 show.

It's described as a Blush/Eyeshadow "hybrid" by Chanel's makeup artist, Peter Philips. It is called 'Notorious' and is set to be released with Chanel's fall collection, called 'Les Essentiel De Chanel'. It is referred to as a new Joues Contraste by some people, and as a Ombre Contraste by others. According to somewhere I can't remember of the top of my head, the release date for this collection is mid-july for the US.

If your wondering why I'm so excited for a grey/brown blusher, it is of course because I imagine it would be PERFECT for contouring! I think I will get both one for myself and one for my kit! And if I like it perhaps a backup.. Unless they make it part of their permanent line, now that would be great!

*Photos taken from style.com and armocromia.com

 The Chanel Fall 2012 makeup look, with 'Notorious' used on cheeks and eyes, below a closeup on the effects the blush/eyeshadow gives;


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