Excitement: Yves Saint Laurent "YSL" Summer 2012 Collection

Just as I had decided I wasn't going to shell out on the summer collections, this collection arrives...

Now my original logic was based on how most people, myself included, don't really wear all that much make up through the summer months, so why spend all my money on make up for the summer, when I'd much rather have an expensive fruity drink at a beach somewhere in a ridiculously priced bikini. But then again.. what's an expensive bikini going to do for you if your face isn't done up by YSL's 2012 Summer collection? Very little I have decided. And so the logic and sense ends here. You just scroll through the pictures below, and then try and argue.

Having once been a "Yves Saint Laurent ONLY!" girl I have fond memories of the brand, until I one day selfishly decided to wander from a relationship of mutual respect and admiration to experiment while I was still young. While it's been a fun ride and I am still enjoying sampling this and that, I do sometimes miss the days when my makeup bag was a shiny pot of gold!

Their Chromatics eyeshadow range was released after I was off swatching Nars Duos so I have never tried them, but they do seem amazing from what I've read online and from looking at them instore. The only reason I've never made a purchase is simply because the colour combinations haven't all been to my tastes, and I hate paying for 4 shadows, only intending on using 2 or 3. If I buy 4 shades, I want 4 shades I am going to use.

That's how their Summer 2012 Chromatics are different. Unfortunately (for my wallet) they all have colours I would use. I look at these and see many, many different combinations. I would wear all of them and as I travel a lot, quads like these can be very handy!

From left to right; 7 Shell, 8 Sand and 9 Stone. 

I am mostly intrigued, I think, by Sand, but I would seriously buy all of them if I wasn't thinking clearly, or was just passing through a counter after having had a drink or two.

From left to right; 2 Healthy Glow, 1 Sun-Kissed Touch and 3 Golden Tan.

YSL are also releasing three new versions of their Terre Saharienne Bronzing Powder with a beautiful snakeskin print. I have never tried their bronzer so I don't know what these could be like in terms of quality, but I do have to say the trio colour combinations look like they would be absolutely beautiful. I have no idea which one would be more suited for me when swatched all together, but I am definitely going to have a look at these in store.

From left to right; 51, 52, 53, 54.

There are also four new Golden Glosses and five Rouge Pur Coutures. Being momentarily overwhelmed by my collection of lipsticks and lip glosses I don't plan on purchasing any of these, but I absolutely love Golden Glosses and have heard nothing but great things of the Pur Coutures.

From left to right; 41 , 42 , 43 , 44  and 45 (Limited Edition).
From left to right; 4 Coral Colisee and 22 Beige Leger (Not pictured, but also featured in the collection are Taupe Retro and Dore Orfevre).

There are four shades of nail varnish/polish. I don't typically buy high end nail varnish/polish as I find them to be way to expensive when you can get much much better formulas for less money. But they do look very pretty!

Finally there are two eye pencils that I am absolutely in love with. I've been dying to get a gold pencil anyway and the blue colour looks just aboslutely delicious! The collection is set to launch on the 21st of June 2012.


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