NOTD: OPI Pedal Faster Suzi! from the Holland mini collection

This one was a bit of a suprise for me. It is much clearer than the other two from this collection that I've tried so far (Red Lights Ahead and Kiss me on my tulips) and after having applied the first coat I really was not into it. It was really clear and the frosty shine made it remind me of one of those terrible frost lipsticks from the 80's.

After the second coat dried however, it was much more opaque and I have to say I really love the colour! It's such a cute baby pink and I think I will end up using this alot. That being said, I really do prefer cream finishes and wish this didn't have the shimmer in it.

I did in the end apply three coats as you could still see a little through after two. Two or three coats I think is more on personal preference than anything else. All in all, I probably wouldn't rush out to buy the full size of this myself. I like having it and will definitely use it more, but I just don't love the frost (though it is growing on me!). But if you do, then definitely check this one out!

Excuse the kind of yucky photos, they were all I had and the polish is not at my new place yet that I've moved to and so I couldn't take new ones unfortunately. The colour is at least very true to what it looked like in real life, so it is technically a good swatch still! :)


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