NOTD: OPI Red Lights Ahead... Where? from the Holland mini collection

Excuse the chipping, the pictures I took on the first day turned out to be too dark to show the true colour, so I had to take these the second day. Don't blame the polish entirely, I did do a massive cleaning session, so I consider the fact that most of it is left quite amazeballs.

Quickly on the polish itself, I absolutely love it and almost bought a full size version as a back up (then I remembered I am already completely overwhelmed by how much make up and nail varnishes I already own, plus I'll probably be a bit 'over it' by the time I've used up the mini bottle as well, which will probably never happen either, realistically). I would also say it is a little more 'orangey' and 'pinkish' than the pictures show. I have kind of likened this to the nail polish version of 'Party Parrot' (Lipstick from the Mac Iris Apfel collection -reviewed and swatched here-). Not the same excact colour, but the same colour morph vibe.

The colour is a red/orange mix that I've seen from a lot of brands this spring, which means that it's probably very dupable. I noticed a polish at the Lancome counter from their new collection with the Love lipsticks that looked very much like it, but I haven't seen it applied so couldn't tell you for sure!

On first application this is almost completely opaque, and I could have definitely left it at that. I did apply a second coat and loved it. The intensity and "coverage" is perfect, as I can leave it at one coat it is ideal for if your running late but still want to make sure your nails are painted. Apart from the cleaning damage I'd say this lasted on my nails for 4 days before I felt I needed to take it off (I did 'top up' to cover the washing 'hole' and chipping). 4 days isn't the best I've had form an OPI shade, but it's fine, I don't really like to leave polish on for that long even anyway. I highly recommend checking this out if your interested!


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