Review: Cicabiafine Baume Hydratante Corporel Quotidien

I received two generous samples of this body lotion some time ago and thought I'd share my experience.

A pretty basic body lotion. For very dry skin, promises to hydrate immediately, repair intensively and be absorbed quickly. It is also "dermo-cosmetique" (Dermotology based) and hypoallergenic.

Two 15ml samples, 30ml total = 1.01442068 Oz, to be quite exact, lasted me 3 applications. This means of course that I didn't test this out for a very long time period and thus cannot give a very extensive and thorough review, so take it for what it is.

In my opinion, this is not anything special. It is fine, it does what it says, it keeps my skin well moisturised and that is about it. That being said, I did have a bit of itchy skin (this is my main body skin concern/problem) so I am not so sure about the hypoallergenic, though who knows what that actually requires of a body lotion legally.

I did not mind the lotion, I would use it again if it was given to me as a sample, gift etc no problem, but I will not buying the full size product myself.


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