Review: Eucerin ph5 Body Lotion and Shower Oil

I have been using these two for quite some time now and thought I would share my experience with any prospective buyers out there!

Eucerin is a great brand with a lot of great products aimed especially at people with sensitive skin, and scalps. The shower oil is supposed to remove aeroallergens from the skin, while the body lotion reduces the allergen load in the body. Both products also help the skins natural defences and allergy defences. Taken straight from wikipedia; "An Aeroallergen (pronounced aer·o·al·ler·gen) is any airborne substance, such as pollen or spores, which triggers an allergic reaction."

I do not have allergies, at least none that I'm aware of, so I can't comment on that. But I do have sensitive skin on my body that can react to a lot of products. I don't have eczema or anything like that, but I find some lotions make my skin itchy and so I try to steer away from too heavily fragranced products for example.

The shower oil is very thin and "watery" and unfortunately "runs" everywhere and so you waste a lot of product that way. It also doesn't lather too well or spreads out very easily. But it is extremely comfortable to use and I find it very soothing and hydrating. I especially make it a case to use this on the day of and a couple days after waxing and after I've done a scrub to calm my skin down. It moisturises the skin well and even though the skin on my body is notoriously very dry, I can actually sometimes skip body lotion after this.

The lotion is white, creamy and thin in texture. It spreads quite easily and is quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving a residue. It keeps my skin nicely moisturised and comfortable from morning until evening. It manages to moisturise perfectly everywhere even though I have parts of my body that needs a lot of moisture and others not as much.

While these products don't smell like an exotic island or make me loose 5 inches of my thighs they just get the job done and done well. I'm not head over heels in love and smitten with them, but they work and sometimes that's really all I care about. Which I find to be the case for most Eucerin products I've tried. I really can't see myself without these on hand. I definitely recommend these to others with sensitive skin or those just looking for something mild and effective.

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