Review: Guerlain Terracotta Golden Glimmer Powder

I recently purchased Guerlain's latest star number from their 'Sun in the City' Terracotta collection for Summer 2012. I've only had this for a few days but thought I'd still get a review up as it's limited edition and I know a lot of you are eager to know if this is worth the investment or not!

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The powder comes in an elegant, black round compack with the words 'Terracotta' and 'Guerlain' laser printet on the top, and Golden Glimmer Powder "A sweep of sunlight" on the back. And it really is no better way to describe it, for it is just that, a sweep of sunlight.

It contains 15g/.52 oz which is quite a generous amount, a point one can argue makes the heaftier pricetag more reasonable. The compact has a great large mirror which makes it ideal for carrying around in your handbag, even if you just want to use the mirror. The product itself has the Guerlain emblem on top of the powder, which itself is presented like waves. I could try an explain more, but you just have to see it for yourself, it is just absolutely beautiful. A true collectors item if your a Guerlain fan!

It was quite painful for me to start using it, so I started nowhere near the emblem and on the side! It is just as beautiful on as it looks in the packaging. It truly casts sunlight over your face. I was worried it might be too golden on my fairly light complexion right now, but it still works. I don't have the lightest skin, even now, but it is fairly light in winter, so if your a fair skinned lady and was thinking you would have to give this one a miss, I say still check it out. The effect is beautiful, making your face more healthy and glowy and with this as with all other Guerlain highlighters I've tried, manages to highlight without emphasizing pores or fine lines.

All in all I deem this an absolute must-have product that I am sooo happy I decided to get! While it works great now I think it's going to be even more amazing when I have a bit more of a tan so now I really can't wait for summer!

 Highlighters are notorious for being difficult to catch on camera, and this is no exception. It looks very gold and one dimensional on this picture, but it really isn't in real life. This is also quite a heavy swatch as it was the only way to capture anything on camera. It does give an idea of the rosy golden glow it gives, but I still say this is one you have to go and see in real life to really know what it's truly like!


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