Review: Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser

It finally arrived in stores last Saturday and I ran straight down to my nearest Sephora and picked one up. Even though I've only been wearing it for a few days I wanted to get a quick review up for those of you who are just as impatient as me to know what this one is like!


For more technical information on this -click here- where I've already done a post on it.

First let me just say that as I have only been using this for a short time I can not comment on the long term effects of it, like for example the effects on fading pigmentation marks. I can do an updated review on that though of course if anyone is interested!

I bought this in the shade 'Alaska', which is just slightly too dark for me, but spring is already here in the south of France and I tan quite easily so I know it will be perfect in no time at all. As the coverage is on the sheerer side, it is still wearable and not noticeable at all when worked properly into the skin. It gives me a nice glow, though that might be the 'pure radiant' part of the moisturiser. Because it really makes my skin absolutely radiant!

When I first applied it I wasn't very impressed and felt quite let down,especially as I had very high expectations. But then I leaned back in my chair and just studied my face as it started to set. My face transformed before my eyes. Initially it was just a quite thin and liquidy, no cover at all cream with uneven coverage who did absolutely othing. But as it set the colour of my face became unison, pores, lines, redness was mostly smoothed over and lastly came a nice glow.

It is a tinted moisturiser, so it does not hide pigmentation marks. I don't have any blemishes at the moment so I can't comment on that, but I doubt it. But as it is a tinted moisturiser, you can't really expect it too. I would say though, that if you have mostly good skin and may occassionally have one or two blemishes, this is a great option still. Just cover it up with a bit of concealer. If you have pigmentation marks and/or acne scars that you are very insecure about, this isn't going to cover that. No way. You can opt for a great concealer, but if you have large areas to cover and prefer covering imperfections with a foundation, then opt for a foundation instead. It does cover minor imperfections, but not initially, so let it set before you start putting the concealer on where you might not actually need it! The SPF also does not add any kind of white cast, or cast at all and is not at all noticeable neither visually or in texture.


In terms of staying power, I am not sure on the excact amount of hours, but I applied this in the morning and when I was removing it before bed at night it was still on, I wasn't oily, it hadn't moved all over the place and there was a tint on the pads I used to remove my make up with, so that's gotta count for somethink! That being said, it is only a tinted moisturiser meaning tint, so in terms of coverage fading etc. it won't be that obvious if it did, but I do think my face still looked very nice and I would still have gone out of the house without feeling like I should do my makeup over.

All in all I am in love with this tinted moisturiser! I am very very happy with my purchase and I have to say my Laura Mercier has found a contender for the Favourite Tinted Moisturiser! I will do a comparison review of the two at some point if anyone is interested in reading that? I might still do one if no one is, as I would like to see who wins out of my own curiosity I think! I would highly recommend this product to anyone that is interested!



  1. Nice detailed review!I am simply loving this TM at the moment! I alo did a review on it if you want to check it out.

  2. Thanks! I am loving it aswell, I'd say it has passed Laura Mercier and become my #1 Tinted Moisturiser, it really is just amazing! :)


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