Review: Revlon ColorStay Foundation for Combination/Oily Skin

On the lookout for something to match my brand new pale winter skin, that also wasn't too expensive, I finally tried the Revlon ColorStay foundation, having heard raves about it for years. I've had different experiences with this foundation, on both ends of the spectrum. That being said, when I didn't like it, it was my own fault!

I initially hated this foundation. Having applied it with the Real techniques buffing brush, I ended up with way too much product on my face looking cakey, fake and it was itching. I realised while out wearing my cake face that of course, I needed to use a sponge! So on my next try I applied it using a typical round make up sponge with flat ends. I don't recommend these sponges by the way, for personal  or professional use. I just use them from time to time as I have them from makeup school.

I still ended up with a cakey and itchy face. I had had enough and moved on. Then once again I had an extremely pale complexion and simply none of my other foundations were light enough, and so I decided to give this one another try, this time applying very small amounts at a time, focusing on one area before moving onto the next and by using a Laura Mercier sponge.

Really sorry it's been used, but it was the only one I had at hand and just realised I was out of soap to clean it with plus I really wanted to get this review up! Just look away if you don't like it!

 It's an egg shaped sponge that is flat, as opposed to rounded like the infamous beauty blender (I haven't tried this foundation yet with a beautyblender but I imagine it would be a really good match, so try it if you've got one!). I will do a review on these at a later point and so not go too much into them here. This time was the game changer. It applied beautifully, I applied only very little product and waited for it to set instead of adding more coverage to the places where it was needed, and as it set it also covered pretty much anything. If needed I only then went over, with once again very very little product and tapped it onto where I wanted better coverage.

The ColorStay smoothed out pores, covered blemishes, pigmentation/acne marks and set to a matte, but not dead matte finish. Meaning it was matte, but it looked natural and there still was a slight sheen in places. I love my cream highlighters anyway, so I added that on top and then it looks just wonderful. I have the one for oily skin and this foundation does hold up very well throughout the day and then some and it keeps the oils very well at bay. I do have to say that my very sensitive skin does get a bit itchy still from this foundation, but after hours of already wearing it, and it's not too bothersome. However, for this reason I will not personally be repurchasing this foundation. If you do have sensitive skin, you've read my experience and so take that into account before you buy it. I would say ask for a sample, but as it is a drugstore foundation that's not really a possibility. I do have a problem with my skin getting itchy from products now and then so if your skin is sensitive, but you don't really experience itchiness as part of this problem, then maybe you can overlook this. But that's a decision you need to make yourself!

All in all I have no complaints on the foundation itself, I think it's a great foundation worthy of it's hype and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a long wearing foundation with good coverage, and/or a pretty good dupe for the Estee Lauder DoubleWear.

Revlon ColorStay in 180 swatched on my hand only to see the colour, I took some pictures of it blended out but on camera it is absolutely un-noticeable, which I guess is actually a very good thing!


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