Review: Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm BB Cream

I spent quite a long time eyeing this baby on the internet, almost ordering from a chinese website, but never quite finding the courage. I finally did get a hold of it when a Chinese friend of mine gave it to me as a gift. I was soo excited to finally get to try a proper asian BB cream!

I will not go into the specifics of what a BB cream is and it's origins, as I am sure most of you know, if not just use google and there's plenty of information to find on the topic already. But in general, it originally comes from Korea and a BB cream is typically something between a foundation and tinted moisturiser, it's consistency being a bit thick. It also tend to come in only one shade, and that one being very light. Do keep in mind that asian BB creams are made with asian skin in mind. The colour does alter after applied, but if you have dark skin or is quite tanned, I doubt a BB cream, at least any of the asian ones, will look quite right. The BB cream also provides a lot of skincare benefits, such as whitening and typically has a high SPF and PA rating.

So now onto this particular BB cream by Skin79. Skin79 is one of the more popular brands for BB cream in asia, the other ones being Missha and Skinfood. According to friends I have from China at least, I am not going to pretend to have any first hand knowledge on this! There are different variations of BB cream from Skin79 (as for other brands), but this one is typically aimed at younger and more problematic skin, at least that is my impression!

As we are just getting out of winter and as I do wear at least SPF 30 every day, I am quite pale at the moment, and so have been using this almost everyday. I have to say I absolutely love it! It doesn't cover all my acne marks or if I have a blemish or two, but it does even out my skin tone beautifully and it really doesn't look like I'm wearing any make up at all. I usually apply a quick swipe of powder just in my oilier areas (nose, chin, forehead), sometimes the mineralize skinfinish by mac for just that little bit of extra coverage, but if I am really running out the door I sometimes just apply this as I would a moisturiser and run out the door, and that works fine, but I do prefer it with a bit of powder. I should mention I don't have a very oily face, I would more define my skin as normal with a bit of oily skin depending on the day (weather, what I am doing etc.).

I can't say I have noticed a great deal of whitening from this product, unfortunately. I was really hoping to get rid of those stubborn old blemish marks, but they are still there. They have vanished slightly, but nothing drastic, and I don't think it's due to this product, but rather just time doing it's thing. That being said, I did find my face even paler than usual, as well as more even in tone. I am not seeking white super pale skin, I wear SPF daily to mainly prevent sun damage, however, even skintone, that really excites me. I also feel this bb cream gives me a bit of a glow and a beautiful dewy finish.

To summon up, I am in love with this product, and do not know what to do when it runs out as I will have no idea where to buy it again! It is excactly what I wanted and expected a BB cream to be and while it has somewhat replaced my tinted moisturiser, I still find them to be different products where I feel the need to have one of both. If any of you have this available and is considering making a purchase, I definitely say go for it!

Knowing a lot of people do decide to purchase this through ebay or other online shopping sites, and that there have been a lot of fakes going around, I have included a lot of pictures of the packaging etc. as I feel quite sure this is the real deal as it was purchased in China! Hopefully this can be of help for some of you!

Above is a picture of the product as it comes out and below I have blended it into the skin, both pictures are of the bb cream applied to my hand.


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