Review: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

30 years of innovation, inspired by groundbreaking DNA research, 20+ Patents worldwide.. These are phrases from just quickly gazing over Estee Lauder's information about their classic Advanced Night Repair serum on their website. It's hard not to be at least intrigued..

It's almost a year ago exactly that I purchased my first bottle of this. I went straight for the 50ml size, with better value for my money, and it lasted me almost a year with use every single night before going to bed. Quite impressive I must say. I apply two drops to my hand, lightly spread it between my fingers and tap in evenly onto my skin. Applying it this way made a big difference for me in comparison to however it was I was applying it before that (I can't remember,  sorry).

The serum is supposed to repair old damage to the skin as well as prevent new damage and help the skin repair itself. This is damage such as UV, pollution, smoke etc. The "patented complex is advanced with Estee Lauder's exclusive Chronlux Technology" (from their website).

Did it change my skin? Absolutely. It takes a bit of time and patience, you won't see changes overnight. I can't exactly describe what it's done to my skin, but the texture is just different, better! It's more healthy looking, plump, skintone is more even, I'm more radiant and my skin just feels healthier and stronger.

I bought a bottle of this for my mother for her birthday also almost a year ago now. Let's just say she's over 50. Her skin has also visibly improved. Her co-workers, friends and even her sister has remarked how great her skin was looking just a few months after using this regularly.

I have litterally had this upside down, scraping out every last drop until it was absolutely 110% empty. There is not one drop left. I am definitely re-purchasing this as soon as I'm in an airport again, which is not in very long as usual.

I really believe in this product and taking care of and helping your skin. Even though we've all started being better with UV protection, we haven't always been. With more and more pollution and less and less sleep, long hours in front of a computer screen and very stressful life's, it's no wonder it takes a toll on our skin, and this stuff helps. I really think this stuff helps, so if you can afford it, go for it!



  1. You have 50ml of Night repair serum for a year? That`s impressive. You won`t believe it but I saw results over night :). Redness on my cheeks calmed down literally over night.


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