Review: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser and Instant Boost Skin Tonic

Anyone following any british beauty blogs or youtube gurus will have heard these mentioned time and time again. They seem to become everyone and their mothers holy grail cleanser and the one everyone seems to eventually return to. I was of course intrigued like the rest of you and bought my own "starter kit" almost a year ago.

The starter kit includes the Cleanse & Polish and two Liz Earle muslin cloths, I also purchased the toner, but separately. I think it was in John Lewis, but it's a long time ago and my memories of the Oxford Street department stores are deteriorating and so differentiating between them all is becoming more and more difficult. It was one of them anyhow, and all I wanted to say was that when I tried asking for a bit more information from the sales assistant, weather this would suit my sensitive skin and so on, he said it's for all skin types, as the bottle says and that it's great and seemingly wanted to move onto another customer displaying a very annoyed attitude, so I left it at that. I was actually quite offended, and didn't even want to make the purchase, but I was really keen to try the cleanser and toner so I got it anyway, with a bad taste in my mouth.

I started my new skincare regimen straight away. I had never used a muslin cloth before so it was a bit of a new experience. For anyone living in a flatshare in London, I'm sure you can appreciate the awkwardness of where to hang a wet muslin cloth to dry when you don't trust your flatmates completely not to touch and use your stuff. But that aside, I was going through a rather disastrous skin phase. I had suddenly for no reason obvious to me at the time, started breaking out, worse than I even did in my teens. Since turning 18-19 my skin had been pretty much perfect, as is normal when you turn into a "young adult" and even before then my skin had never really been an issue, a bit of oilyness and the odd teenage spot here and there, but nothing to write home about. Anyway, the point is I was quite desperate and was trying everything between the moon never really giving any of them a proper chance to work before moving onto the next, and this was no exception. I also scrubbed a bit too hard with the muslin cloth, so it really did not seem like this was working, so I put it away and moved on.

My skin did finally clear up (more on that in another post), and as I kept hearing more and more wonderful things about this cleanser my curiosity had me wanting to give it another go. I started using it again and had decided to stick with it until I had finished it up, also as part of my project to finally start clearing some stuff off my bathroom shelves. And so I did. At first my skin did seem rather irritated and more red, and I was making sure I was being very gentle with the muslin cloth, but I kept at it and then it payed off. After my skin calmed down it cleared up, the texture of my skin was different and I had a very nice even skintone.

Unfortunately after about another 2 weeks or so, my skin got noticeably irritated again and I realised that the daily slight exfoliation was too much for my skin to handle and so I have stopped using it. The problem obviously lies with the muslin cloth and probably not the cleanser, but the big thing with this is to use it with the hot muslin cloth, no?

I am keeping it around as an in-betweener for when my current cleanser runs out and I have another week or so until I'm flying anywhere. I won't be buying this again, but I understand what all the hype is about. I think it's a lovely cleanser, it smells lovely and organic, the texture is really nice, thick and balmy but not sticky. I don't have any complaints, but my sensitive skin just couldn't handle it. Quite a relief, actually, as it's a bit of a hassle to get a hold of when you don't live in the UK.

Now for the toner. It smells divine, I love the twist cap on the bottle, all toners should have this! For once I feel I can actually decide how much toner comes out! It's nice, gentle and it does seem to brighten my skin a bit. In the end it just doesn't beat my other toners that helps keep my skin blemish free, and I need those, so I won't be re-purchasing this, but I really think it's a lovely product. If my skin was always clear without any need for skincare products, for dry skin, dull clear skin, maybe skin that's a bit older than mine, I think this could be a great match.

Bottom line, I get the hype on the cleanser, the toner is good, not great. They didn't work for me personally, at this time, but I'm happy I finally tried them!

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