Haul: Marseille Haul!

As usual I have picked a lot of stuff up on my latest travel, some stuff I needed, some not so much, though I convinced myself of so rather brilliantly I must say!

Elisabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Gift Set
This I have bought as a present for my mother for her birthday coming up in May. She loves this stuff and goes through it like it's never going to end, but it does and so she asks for it for her birthday/christmas, and I have an easier time picking presents. So thank you Elisabeth Arden, for making my life easier in so many ways! Also, the Eight Hour really is a wonder "couldn't be without it" product!

Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright Skin tone correcting serum
This is also a present, but for my pregnant sister-in-law who struggles with pigmentation during/post pregnancy, like so many others. Origins is a natural line and is formulated without all kinds of no-no's such as parabens, phtalates, propylene glycol, petrolatum and so on so it's a safer way to attempt an even skin tone without any risk of damaging the pregnancy.

Origins GinZing
My Estee Lauder Idealist has almost run out so I can just as almost justify getting a new brightening eye cream. This one has been top of my list of things I'm keen to try for a while so I'm quite excited to watch the magic unfold!

Lancome Hydra Zen Nuit
I was all out and I missed it terribly! I applied it again last night and woke up to perfectly moisturised skin. My skin is in heaven, - click here for review -.

Rimmel Nail Polishes/Varnishes
I picked up the shades 291 Urban Princess, 313 Cocktail Passion from the Lycra Pro Professional Finish line and 180 Purple Pulse from the I Love Lasting Finish line. I love these colors and I'm so excited to wear them through spring/summer.

Yves Saint Laurent "YSL" Anti Jet Lag Travel Selection
I bought this kit at the airport going home containing the Top Secret's Flash Radiance primer and the classic Touche Eclat in No. 1. I have missed both of these from not having them due to trying new things, so I'm very excited to have them again and to see if they live up to my fond memories!

Clinique High Impact Mascara in 01 Black
Love this mascara, one of my favourites!

Yves Saint Laurent "YSL" Teint Radiance Radiance-Enhancing Flawless Foundation
Another old favourite I wanted to revert back to. I picked one up in 5 and 5 1/2 which one would think were not far off from each other, but as you can tell, actually are.

Yves Saint Laurent "YSL" Rouge Pur Couture in 13
Picked another one of these up as I love my first one so much, - click here for review -. I will do a short review on this one as well, just in case this color won't be as good, but I think it will be, and of course swatches!

Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna
We've all heard of this classic before, and I've finally got one as well!

Alright, that's it for now, I will of course be reviewing some of these products, but if you see something you really want to see a post on, let me know and I will make sure to get one up for you as soon as possible!



  1. Nice haul! Can you do a review on the YSL radiant primer thingie please? Does the built-in brush not bother you, or is there a way to clean it?
    PS I used to live in marseille, and spend way too much time in the Sephora rue Saint Ferreol. Oops.

    1. He he thats the Sephora I went to! I am currently working on a review, testing it out.. The brush does bother me, I have to say, but Im working my way around it! Keep a look out for a review coming soon! :)


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