Guide to: Eye creams or "My eye creams and why I need all of them"

Let me just start by saying that I did not go out and buy all of these in one day, I also did not plan on purchasing all of these, it just kind of happened over time and while using them realised I couldn't live without an eye cream in each of these categories.

The night time recharge super boost eye cream
I just made that up, but theres probably an eye cream called something like that. The point is, get an extra moisturising one to use at night, preferably an anti-aging one. I use the Lancome Primordiale Yeux Skin Recharge at the moment - review here - and while it would be way too heavy to use under any type of make up during the day, it is a real treat for my tired, sometimes dry eye area during the night. Because I use a heavier than I really need eye cream at night, I can get away with a less moisturising eye cream during the day and so I can keep my dry eye area well moisturised while still wearing eye make-up that lasts all day!

The daytime quite moisturising still possible to apply make up on top of eye cream
At the moment I am using the Shiseido The Skincare Eye. It is a very standard eye cream that I use solely for moisture. I usually use this if I am just around the house. This kind of eye cream is good for when your eye area is dry, but you still need to apply make up and so can't slather on the heavy duty night eye cream. This one doesn't help much with anything but the moisture, so I wouldn't necessarily recommend this particular one, maybe something like the Lancome Genifique eye cream that also helps brighten whilst providing a good amount of moisture. It depends on how oily/dry your lids are. An eye cream used for this purpose needs to be as moisturizing as you can get away with when used during the day and under make up.

The emergency oh my goodness how did this happen, I didn't drink THAT much anti-panda inflatable undereye bags eye cream
I always use this if I have an important event, or if I just look like crap and have to get to work, or leave the house. Everyone should have something like this in their arsenal for those days when you spent last night obsessing over how rude and wrong someone had been and all the things you wish you'd said, but is now saying to the ceiling using brainwaves and threathening looks wasting precious sleeping time, letting the bitch win again!

The soothing cooling emergency calmer downer for tired, sore, red and stingy burny eyes
For quite cheap you can get this little gem from Yes To Cucumbers. I like to keep mine in the fridge. I take it out, usually in the evenings after a long day. My eyes are very light sensitive, anything sensitive really, and so sometimes I feel I am just about to scratch my eyes out completely. This then saves me. It is so soothing and relaxing and helps with the itchiness and I just couldn't live without something like this. Though I DO love this exact one, especially considering it's quite cheap AND paraben free! I gave this to my brother for christmas who's said he loves it and uses it on mornings when he is very tired and he says this wakes him straight up, so there's another use for this kind of eye cream. I am not sure if he keeps his in the fridge, I did mention I do, and I also don't know if it's good to keep eye creams in the fridge if you need the cream for any of the other properties.. I would guess it couldn't hurt though, but that's a guess!

There are also loads of other types of eye creams, such as tightening ones as well as treatment masks etc. I haven't tried any masks, but I did use the SK-II eye treatment film once and it ended up drying my undereye area out and left me with fine lines, which is kind of why I ended up with all these eye creams after. Besides that one I have steered clear of tightening treatments and tightening creams/gels and so have no recommendations, or particularly recommend them, especially if you are young.  I am sure some of them are amazing though, I just don't have any to recommend!

I do understand that everyone can't go out and buy loads of different eye creams, they are quite expensive. But like I said, I did not buy these all in the same day, or month. This is not ment to tell you what you need to go buy and spend your money on, but rather a little guide to the different kinds of eye creams that I use, what I use them for, to maybe help you choose what eye cream to go for yourself.


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