Review: Avène Extremely Gentle Cleanser

If you have sensitive skin, Avène is a brand you will have heard mentioned again and again. Almost all of their products, like so many french pharmacy skincare brands, are suitable for, if not targeted at, sensitive and irritated skin. Their Thermal Water spray  (Eau Thermale) is a favorite of mine, and this cleanser is supposed to be "Rich in thermal spring water" so I figured I'd give it a go!

My intention with this cleanser was to use it in the mornings when I feel there is no need to be too harsh towards your skin. I just want to get any residue left over from heavy night creams and serums and feel fresh and clean. My skin really can't handle too abrasive cleansing in the mornings, so this seemed like a nice option.

The cleanser is a white, quite runny lotion that smells faintly of something I can't quite describe. It has the same smell as my Eau Thermal spray, and so I assume perhaps the same smell as all or most Avène products? It is in no way overpowering and I would almost say it smells of nothing at all, it just smells something. So if you mind smells, I doubt this one will give you any issues.

I have always used cleansers that you rinse off with water. This is ment to be applied with a cotton pad and tissued of. Cleansing your face with water, some say can be a bit more stressful on the skin, so even though I was a bit skeptical, I wanted to give it a go.

Unfortunately, it just didn't work for me. I think the cleanser is a fine cleanser, it feels nice and gentle on my skin and I'm sure my skin was loving it, but I just couldn't get used to not washing my face with water. I just felt like I was still dirty and so kept using cotton pad upon cotton pad, and still I felt like I might have missed a spot.

There is also that problem again when gentle products become too gentle. It just doesn't feel like it's really doing anything. I would not recommend this as a cleanser in the evening to get your make up off, that's for sure.

That being said, if you have extremely sensitive skin or is going through a time when your skin is severely irritated and inflamed, and the thought of rubbing at your skin even just a little bit makes you cringe, then this is an extremely gentle cleanser and I would definitely recommend giving this a go.

Bottom line, a fine product that just didn't match with my personal tastes, but that is not on Avène or anyone, that's just a personal preference and I have no problems with the actual product in it's own right.


  1. You don't HAVE to use it dry, you can also use it with water too.

    1. I guess, but the consistency is very light and "runny" so I don't think it would feel like it cleaned my skin at all, much like Caudalies Gentle Cleanser which ended up feeling quite pointless.. Like I said in the review, it's just not my cup of tea, but it's a decent product!


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