Review: Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator Serum

I bought my first bottle of this at Selfridges amidst all the new serum hype right around this time last year. A very charming sales assistant convinced a somewhat skeptical me with their great return policy, if you don't like it you can return it up until 3 weeks, or something, I don't remember exactly so don't run over there and quote me on that! They even added a free concealer/mascara duo to make the experience even more pleasant. Now it's been almost a year that I've been using this and thought it was well time for a review.

The Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator is supposed to help even out skintone, help with pigmentation/acne marks and to give your skin a dash of extra radiance.

First of all, they've kind of cheated with the whole radiance thing, just adding a bunch of glitter to the mix. It does work, I have to say, but it doesn't actually make your skin radiant on it's own. What I mean by that is if you don't put this on, your skin's not glowy. It doesn't do anything to make your skin glowy, it's just when the product is applied you might look a tad more radiant. So if that's what you were looking at this for, look elsewhere or you could just as well invest in a radiance primer, same thing, way cheaper.

I will say that I was quite impressed from early on using this, glitter or not. It did make my skintone more even, it looked more healthy and the glitter does give you a bit of radiance. When I first started using this, I had not yet had any problems with pigmentation or acne marks. But whilst using this, I had my first experience with this, and that should say enough.

I continued on with this serum and when it was empty this fall, I'd say october/november (meaning it lasted aprox. 6 months, in comparison, Advanced Night Repair lasts me an entire year, both 50ml bottles), I bought another one. I don't know why and I doubt I will ever buy a bottle again. I was just kind of going on habit and wasn't looking at this critically enough. And that was a very expensive mistake to make.

In February I finally stopped using this and purchased the Caudalie Vinoperfect serum instead, I am currently using that and will write a review when I've used it for a bit longer. I had not seen any improvement on my acne marks that I got this summer (even though I wear SPF, I guess not high enough). The slight fading I give credit to simply time and a strict exfoliating routine. In my opinion this serum doesn't really do anything. Except add some glitter to your face, but I'd rather wear Guerlain's gold primer, that at least makes my make up stay on which means it does more for my face, and that's a primer.

In all fairness it did even my complexion when I had no problems at all. I feel this could be interesting for people that doesn't have any problems with acne marks or pigmentation. Who's skin is pretty much even toned anyway and, basically, people that don't really need this type of serum. Which makes it pretty self explanatory that it's still a bit of a waste.

I think there are much, much better serums out there, and cheaper. I still love Advanced Night Repair, but I would not recommend this one. Unfortunately I have bought this twice and am now using it before I go out for the glittering effect and slight radiance, it's too expensive to just throw away. Maybe I will re-discover this at some point, and find it different, but for now it's a luxury I wish I hadn't afforded myself.



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    1. Thank you! I'm so happy you like my blog! :) I hope you've had a good weekend! xx


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