Review: Givenchy Phenomen' Eyes Mascara in 1 Extension Black

I dare say this is Givenchy's most famous cosmetic. I have heard great things of the Phenomen 'Eyes mascara for the longest time, though for some reason never got around to actually trying it out for myself, until now.

I don't typically like spending a lot of money on high end mascaras, I only do it on occasion and when I do it's usually one I already know I love such as the YSL Faux Cils. I finally did decide to take the plunge and try this after being very curious for the longest time, and bought it for a whopping €28. It came in a kit including a mini Givenchy black eyeliner pencil.

The mascara is quite small in size. If you take the silver top off the black bottle goes twice along the length of my faux cils, but the Givenchy is a little bit thicker. It holds 0.24 oz while the YSL holds 0.25. They both claim to last 6 months.

At first I hated this mascara. I was so sad, I had decided to spend money on a nice mascara after not having done so for so long, and it was such a miss. The wet formula didn't do anything for my lashes at all, except coat them a black colour, and it took forever to get anything looking at least decent with the tiny round sphere brush. I tried again and again, until disheartened I put it away and went back to my Loreal one. I couldn't bare to mess up another eyelook as the wet formula sometimes would go everywhere.

After two weeks or so I did decide against my better judgement to try again, it did cost €28 after all. Let me say that again, €28. By this time the formula had indeed dried up a little bit and had changed completely. It cave my lashes extreme lenght, no clumping anywhere and application time was quite fast as well. I now appreciated the small brush as it gave much more control and room for precision. The spheres helped keep my lashes all seperate, and if they stuck together I could use the spheres to seperate them manually. It was absolutely amazing.

And it was so it came to pass that Ellie discovered one of the greatest mascaras of all..

No but seriously, it's a fabulous mascara that you should try if you love long amazing lashes. It's not that great for volume though, if that's more your thing. Just open it and leave it in your droor for a week or two before using it! I probably won't run and buy one again the second this one goes in the trash, I can't justify spending that much on mascara when there are excellent ones for half the price, but if you do, or you want to treat yourself to that little something extra, this is definitely one I'd recommend.


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