Review: Institut Esthederm Reflets De Soleil Sun Sheen Intense Tan Self-Tanning Body Jelly and Face Cream

Summer is just around the corner and we will all start showing bare legs and arms in no time! For those of us that can't pull of pale and interesting, this means it's time to start getting this years supply of self tanners ready! I've been trying a couple and first up for review is this extravagant, expensive fancy french one by Institut Esthederm. Worth it though?

I've had these since last year and so will do a review on how they worked then, and how they've been working now.

When I first gave these a go it was already the end of July last summer, and I had gotten what I would at least call a bit of a healthy glow. I wear my daily SPF of at least 30 but when summer's been good, I can't help but get at least a bit of color, and I have to admit that I really do love the look of summer kissed skin.

My first application of this was therefore to already bronzed skin and proved remarkable! It went on without any problems, no streaks, it gave the most natural un-detecctable self-tan I have every seen, on myself anyway! It lasted a good week and faded as a normal tan would. In fact it was so natural I had a moment where I thought I had just tanned extremely from a very short time of being in the sun, before remembering that I had in fact applied this.

I used it a few more times at the end of last summer and then put it away when the weather got cold. I resorted back to my Lancome Auto Bronze gel for the face with the intention of finishing it up, as it looked like it was nearing it's end (it ended up lasting almost 6 more months) -review here-.

Then this year when early spring peeked about two weeks ago, we all, yet again, foolishly fell for the early spring trap and I started eagerly painting my nails pastel colors, and leaving the house without a jacket. I also pulled these self-tanners out from the dark corner it was hiding in.

I showered, scrubbed and was ready for another even streak-free application of self tanner. But the gel was see through, I did not remember this from last year, though I'm sure that's my memory being off and that it hasn't changed on it's own!

I tried my best, but having not applied self tanner for almost a year, I made some rookie mistakes, and with a clear gel, it's really difficult to get everything even. I tried applying this a second time, and then ended up with no streaks on my body but I'm still having problems getting the hands just right.

Both the face and body self-tanner gives a nice super natural glow and a slight tan. It's a beautiful product, if your good at applying self-tanner. If your a first-timer, I don't think I would start out with this as clear self-tanners are more difficult (in my opinion) to get even and this one is also quite expensive just to practice with.

That being said, it also doesn't give much color at all, especially the face cream. It also dries the skin out quite a bit, which is normal with self tanners, but in case you thought this would be the exception, it's not, unfortunately.

All in all, it's nice for a bit of colour, but gives a much much nicer effect, I have to say, if you've already got a bit of colour going and just want to add a little extra to it. It's a nice enough product, but not something I'll be running out to re-purchase. I will say I really love the face cream though. It's quite kind to my skin, gives a beautiful natural slight tan that is buildable and I can honestly say I haven't had any problems with it at all! The face cream, I would definitely recommend having a look at! Though I'm sure there's other products that are just as good!

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  1. I hope this must be nice product. Where can i get this?
    Natural Skincare Products.

    1. It's a very nice product! You can get it at Feelunique, the link is at the bottom of the post!


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