Review: La Roche-Posay Effaclar Cleanser and Toner

This review is of two products from the La Roche-Posay Effaclar series, the Purifying Foaming Gel for oily sensitive skin and the astringent lotion micro-exfoliant. I've used these from time to time the past year, increasing the frequency recently to everyday to really test them out, as well as get to my goal of finally finishing a lot of products up!

La Roche-Posay is a french skincare brand now widely available in pharmacies in many countries. It is not a luxury brand, nor is it drugstore. It is right in the middle in terms of price range. When it comes to quality, it is right up at the top. Recommended by many dermatologists, the brand seem to have a product for almost any exact skin type or situation.

The products come in simple no fuss packaging, typically white and blue. I think their products are all paraben free, but I am not sure, these are at least and the cleanser is soap free with ph 5.5. Both products are 200ml.

For a product with no soap the cleanser sure smells kind of like soap. I am terrible at describing scents, but I will say it is not in the least overpowering. It is a gel cleanser and comes out as such, and foams when you clean your face with it. I do not recommend using this with a Clarisonic personally, as it really foams and you could easily end up getting it in your eyes or mouth, but that is of course up to you.

It leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean, and while not uncomfortable and tight right after drying my face off, in the end I do feel this dries my skin out. I will say that this does do a nice job of clearing my face up. I noticed a difference in my skin after just a few days, and used together with the toner, ment to tighten and help unblock pores, I did notice a reduction in pore size, especially on my cheeks right next to my nose.

After using these consistently for about a week, my skin was very dehydrated, especially around my nose. Strangely where I have more problematic skin, is also where my skin is most dry. It could be that the products are too harsh in combination with some other products that I use, maybe my exfoliant, it could be I am not using an ideal moisturising regimen in combination with these products.

Even though my skin ends up dehydrated, I just don't feel it's the products fault completely. Maybe they are not for my very sensitive already dehydrated skin, though it is supposed to be for sensitive skin. I would definitely recommend looking at these products if you are suffering from problematic skin, especially if your skin is very oily! Maybe ask your pharmacist or dermatologist to recommend you a moisturiser to go with, that suits your skin. I will enjoy having these on hand until they do eventually run out for those times my skin feels especially congested or oily and will continue trying products from the Effaclar line as I am very impressed with what I've tried so far.



  1. I have the gel cleanser too and i feel it dries out my skin so i use it and then with silcocks base over it :)


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