Review: Shiseido Extra Smooth Sun Protection Cream SPF 30

With summer just around the corner I'm sure you're all eager to find the best sunscreens to protect your face from all kinds of dangers, and so I thought I'd write a little post about one of my favourites!

I've had this for about a year now, I bought it at House of Fraser after reading rave reviews. The Shiseido sales assistant made a point of telling me that this is not a moisturiser and that you must moisturise as well! I realised this is very true, and that's exactly what I love about this. It is just a sunscreen. It doesn't moisturise my skin at all and has a very matte non-greasy finish. It is just to protect from the sun, and so I love wearing this under make up! I also wear this when my skin needs extra moisture, on top of a heavy moisturiser. I have been seen using it on the beach on a barefaced day, but I typically turn to my other favourite sunscreen for that (review to come soon!).

Yes, there is a white cast, but only until it's absorbed. There's no white cast throughout the day and I definitely can't even tell I'm wearing it when checking my face in the mirror. It does have a bit of a thicker consistency and can feel quite heavy at first when applied, but once it's fully absorbed this feeling will pass. I recommend letting everything else fully absorb (if you have time to wait), before applying this, and letting this fully absorb before applying anything on top of it!

It isn't the cheapest SPF and you can certainly find great cheaper options out there, and the most important is just that you are wearing any SPF at all, 30 is my recommendation (and most's)! I wear 30 everyday all year round, and while I really recommend everyone do this too, please at least make sure you're protected during the harsh summer months. A bit of a luxury item, I still highly recommend this as I've really been very pleased with it and can't see myself ever not having this around, I am completely dependent on it!


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