Review: The Body Shop Wild Rose Nourishing Hand Butter for Mature Skin

I first got introduced to The Body Shop's hand creams about a year ago when a friend bought me their popular hemp hand cream. I was quite pleased with it, though wasn't too fond of the scent. When I then saw they had just released a few new scents I excitedly picked a few up, one of them was the Wild Rose Nourisihing Hand Butter for mature skin. I bought it with the intention of using it as an over night treatment and so got the cotton gloves with it as well.

The cream itself is pink, quite thick and smells very heavily of rose. If you shy away from scents, this one is not for you, as it even bothers me quite a bit, and I usually love scented products! Though roses most certainly smell lovely in real life, heavily rose scented products can't help but smell a bit of old lady. I do realize that this is supposed to be for mature skin, but even if you are over 50, you don't want to smell like you are, do you?

Bad smell aside the product itself is pretty amazing. I put this on before going to bed and wake up to hands as soft as baby skin. The cotton gloves I would actually recommend as well. When I go to bed I put on my LipFusionXL treatment and then my night hand treatment cream. After that I usually like to have a last browse through the internet and the news on my iPad, so the gloves have been perfect in letting me do that with cream on my hands without it getting onto the screen. The gloves are thin enough that I can still write and click, of course a bit less effective than without gloves, but still!

All in all a very good product that I would re-purchase if they would release it with a different, less overpowering smell. I will keep looking for something similar from other brands, so far no luck, and if nothing turns out as good I will definitely go back to this, I already miss it!


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