Hairproducts haul! or "The road to recovery - Part 1"

Make that the long, time consuming, all sucking, mega expensive, sad hairdays due to no styling allowed road to recovery. I made the biggest mistake of all. I didn't overexplain to my hairdresser what I wanted, put my trust in her and now I am paying the price, tenfold.

I had a picture, a freaking picture. This picture above from the Mango summer collection ads. It's nothing all that special, my hair colour wasn't too far off to begin with. I just wanted a little change. I thought the route my hairdresser was taking was a bit strange, but we all know how annoyed some of them can get if you claim to understand anything about anything when it comes to hair, so I thought for once I would leave it and let her be the professional. I had a frekking picture, how wrong could she get it?

Cue hair disaster. Upon the unveiling I had already had a bad feeling and was somewhat expecting it. I did the typical polite smile, tried to come up with positive things, payed and left, my heart beating so fast I swore I couldn't be the only one able to hear it.

When I finally arroved home, emotions swinging from a state of shock to holding back tears, I took a deep breath and had a real look in the mirror.

It was even worse than I remembered. After having tried to stay positive on the way back it seems I had managed to sway my memory a little. I still had all the roots I had from before, she had put highlights in starting about a cm and a half out, they were done using bleach so the difference was so obvious I looked like a picture from about 10 years ago. The bleaching wasn't even done evenly so I had patches of pure white hair, as well as orangey stains. It looked like an at-home attempt at bleaching that had gone horribly horribly wrong and the only thing I would've thought had I seen me would've been 'she really needs to go to the hairdresser, if nothing else for the roots'. Oh the irony.. I burst into tears.

My semi-rescue came suprisingly from my usually quiet and reserved mother who convinced me of going back and complaining. Feeling depressed about my hair and exhausted from having been at the hairdresser all day already, the last place I wanted to go was back there, but I realized I simply had to and so back we went.

The hairdresser of course argued that this was what I had asked for, not expecting me to still have the picture on me and when holding it up for her, her looking back and forth between the picture and my hair, she came with a few half hearted tries to defend herself but I could tell she knew she had messed up. I pretty much demanded she do it over, and she said ok, obviously not very pleased, saying she had time straight away. I was worried that might damage my hair, having just put it through a lot of stress with the bleaching, but she said it would be fine and I made the worst mistake again, trusting a hairdresser (a hairdresser you don't know, I should add, there are plenty amazing brilliant ones, in the profession for the right reasons, taking pride in their work, and when you find one of those, you hang onto them!).

After sitting there for another hour, awkwardly, hearing her make snide comments and everyone else rolling their eyes at me, her saying "I wanted it blonder" to make me out to look like some dumb barbie wannabe ditz, which wasn't even true as my complaint was that I never wanted it lighter at all, I wanted to go darker, my hair surprisingly turned out pretty much like I wanted it. Though I wasn't that hard to please at this point, when compared to the previous hair disaster. With no apology, no offer of a treatment put in my hair, just real poor treatment and even more eyeball rolling as I 'finally left' I felt somewhat ok, though a bit shaken. I had a nice glass of champagne with my mom after to steady my nerves.

Then a few days after I was washing my hair. I wet it, put some shampoo in my hair and started massaging it in. After a few seconds I could feel my hair turning into a huge knot. The texture reminded me of those sponges you use to clean the dishes, or a sheep's fur. I couldnt even poke a finger through it, it was all one huge knot. I, of course, freaked out and had to remind myself out loud to keep breathing. The only hair mask I had at hand was the Redken All Soft wich was not by fair heavy duty enough for this kind of damage, but I added as much of that as I could get away with and sat around with it for a good few hours. After washing it out I almost bathed my hair in Redken's Anti-Snap and while my hair definitely felt almost ok, there was no question about it, my hair was completely fried..

I then grabbed one of my credit cards and hastily spent over £100 at Feelunique.com on hairproducts only. They arrived the next week, and I have since started my road to recovery. I will keep you updated for anyone who is interested in haircare reviews, or for any other poor souls out there going through the same thing.

From left to right; Kerastase Forceintense (in the back), Redken All Soft (Gold) and Extreme (Blue) Hair Masks, Moroccanoil, Kerastase Ciment Thermique Leave-in treatment, Joico K-Pak Liquid Reconstructor, Redken Anti-Snap Leave-in treatment,  Joico K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor, Kerastase Chroma Cristal, Macadamia Deep Repair Mask, Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment and Kerastase Reflection Chroma Reflect Hair Mask.

It's been almost one month now since "the incident". I started out mainly using the Redken Extreme as it is perfect for my wrongly bleached and then coloured hair. The extreme series works at bringing proteins back to the hair, but does not give that much general moisture, so I used the Macadamia Oil with the treatment oil to intensify it once to bring moisture as well. With that I have used two of the Kerastase Forcintense Treatments and the Joiko K-Pak once as I had little time and it is only supposed to be left on for 5 minutes.

My hair has definitely improved. All these hairmasks are really amazing, I have used the Redken Extreme and the whole K-Pak series before as well as the Kerastase Nutritive Aqua-Oleum deep treatment which is similar to the Forcintense and loved them all. I did bleach my hair a few years ago, and managed to keep my hair shiny and super healthy so I do know how do keep good and healthy hair. This "series" I will go more in-depth on how I managed that as I will turn to the same tricks. I am hopeful that since I am not actually bleaching my hair and so the hair will only have been bleached that one time, it will be possible to repair the damage caused almost completely.

I have definitely not gotten back the healthy hair I had before this happened and as healthy hair is so important to me I am going to keep spending a lot of time and unfortunately money on my hair until I am happy with it.

I will go more in-depth with reviews on all the products and how they are, both seperately and in combination, helping, or not helping my hair in future posts. This post is already very long and so I will leave it here and start taking notes for the next update!



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