Review: Garnier 7 Days Hydrating Body Lotion for Normal Skin

I've always known of this product, seen it on the shelves, not thought much of it. I've walked straight past it and chosen something else. Can't say I even considered trying it out, for no good reason really. One day about 3 weeks ago I was in H&M and saw this for 1.99 Euros! Brilliant, I thought, as I was just out of body lotion anyway..

Now unfortunately this doesn't actually cost 1.99, but rather 3.99. I'm not sure if it was a mistake they'd made or what happened there, but I sure wish I'd picked up a few more while they were that cheap because this body lotion is bloody brilliant!

First you should know that the skin on my body is pretty normal with the exception of my back, upper arms and legs that are quite dry. I've always had to lotion up straight out of the shower, or my back (which is where I am the most dry) gets uncomfortable to the point of where it feels like the skin is about to crack if I lean over. Though as soon as I moisturize, my skin feels fine.

Here's how 7 days is different. Obviously it doesn't actually keep your skin moisturized for 7 days. I'm sure there is one grain of truth to that so that they can make these claims legally. Perhaps 0,0001% of residue can still be located somewhere on your body after 7 days, or something like that, who knows..

What matters is that since using this, I forgot once to apply body lotion after showering because it felt like I already had. To me that is amazing. It never happens!

The 7 Days lotions come in many variations for different skin types and I am keen on trying more of them and using different ones for different parts of my body. I should also mention this one I have, for normal skin, smells amazing. Maybe a little of banana, and probably Aloe Vera.

Bottom line, I would definitely recommend checking this out the next time your at the drugstore in need of a need body lotion!


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