Review: Institut Esthederm Eau Cellulaire Sprays

Beyond looking beautifully shiny and pretty in glittery gold and silver these babies are more than just glorified spraycans filled with water, or are they?

My first Eau Cellulaire was the silver Cellular Water Energizing Spray. The patented formula is, according to Institut Esthederm, "a replica of the water found in the skin and is ideally balanced in mineral salts and trace elements. It provides the skin with the energy it requires daily to function to it's full potential and remain radiantly healthy." On application the water is ment to work as an "energy bomb", restoring freshness, vitality and radiance to the skin. It also helps boost the effectiveness of other treatments used in conjunction.

I'm not sure it does all of that. I haven't really asked that much of it. I mainly use it as a refreshing mist on warm and sunny days, or if my skin is feeling a bit dehydrated and I want to lend it a helping hand whilst still keeping my makeup on. Looking back I'd say it does give me a bit of an energy boost, and I would definitely say my skin does look more vibrant and fresh. It also helps liven up my make up a bit, much like the Caudalie Beauty Elixir.

Having been very satisfied with my first expensive water-in-a-can purchase, I was intrigued by the gold one as well. Not only was it even more shiny and luxurious looking, it came with a very nice description as well;

The Institut Esthederm UV inCellium spray is (according to Institut Esthederm) ment to boost the skin's natural defences, protect from environmental aggressors and prevent photo-ageing. The formula includes patented technology based on biological cell protection against the harmful effects of UV rays and also includes the technology of the Energizing Spray with the water being a replica of the one found in the body, optimising the cells' vital functions.

UV inCellium definitely feels a bit thicker in consistency than the Energizing Spray. While the Energizing Spray really does feel like it "awakens my complexion" a bit more, beyond that they feel quite similar. As I don't use these regularly as part of my daily skincare, I can't really speak for the long term results in using these, unfortunately. While I use the Energizing Spray as previously mentioned, the UV inCellium gets brought out on hot summer days to help refreshen my skin as well as aid my sunscreen and serve as another layer of protection against the sun. I have also not used these to set my makeup with, as I have other setting sprays I use specifically for this purpose, but I have a friend that use these as setting sprays and she has raved about them being excellent and making her makeup last all day. I really should get around to giving that a go myself.

I love these sprays. They definitely do refresh and waken the complexion, helps soothe and comfort stressed skin, give a bit of moisture and feels just amazing. They also smell lovely. I feel these are a bit of a special treat that I wouldn't say anybody really needs, so if your only buying a few nice things for summer, splurge on more important things like a proper broadspectrum sunscreen instead. However, if you have all that you need, plus some money to spare and is looking to get something a bit luxurious, these would be an excellent purchase!



  1. It is an awesome product. I am using it now and I feel wonderful!


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