Review: Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Foundation in 03

I featured this foundation in a haul some time ago, but wanted to test it out properly before writing a review. Having tested it out in both cold and warm conditions, on weekends, long workdays and during flights, I think it is definitely time to add my opinion to the mix.

I have done a previous post about the more technical details of this foundation, you can read that here.

First a little bit about my skin, so that you can compare with your own skin's needs and wants. I have a fairly normal skin type with a slightly oily t-zone that sometimes gets dehydrated. I dont have many blemishes and my pigmentation marks from past blemishes have now finally started to fade, but I still need some extra coverage for those by a concealer, even with this foundation. I think I could cover them up if I would layer this foundation, but I prefer a semi-sheer layer of this and then the concealer where I need it, so I add the concealer because it is my preferred choice, not because this foundation could never hide them, I think when layered it definitely could. I also do wear a primer pretty much every single time I wear foundation, so do take that into account.

Just a few days ago I was in a rush getting ready and in an effort not to cake on too many layers without the time to let them all absorb properly, I skipped primer and went straight from moisturiser to foundation. I have not done this in a very long time, and last time I did I really regretted it. This time with this foundation, it worked fine! The foundation did not last as long but it pulled its weight very impressively and while it may not have lasted a full 24 hours it ceirtanly did earn the title 'long lasting' by lasting well enough throughout my day of running around Paris being a tourist. I will say it lasts all day from morning until evening when I get back after work, when I have used it with a primer. It also smoothes out and coveres pores brilliantly, even without the primer, so it gets another huge plus for that in my book.

The foundation itself is quite thick and creamy but does not at all sit on top of the skin. Even though it has medium to full coverage, depending as usual on how much you put on, the finish is one of the most natural I've seen and I can honestly say this has become one of my all time favourite foundations. If the Teint Idole Ultra 24 H Foundation is any indication on what's to expect from all these "new age" foundations being released by pretty much every brand at the moment, then I am one very excited beauty products junkie.

If you have dry skin then I am not sure I would recommend this foundations, because as with most, if not all long lasting foundations, it is somewhat drying. It is far from the most drying one I've tried and I think that if you really want to try it still, then maybe with the addition of a moisturizing primer underneath, it could still work for you. I also have to mention how much I love the pump. This might seem random to some of you, and I guess it is, but the pump is great. With most pumps I find no product comes out until you've pressed it quite far down, with this, just a little tiny pump and a little product comes out, it gives so much control and there is so so much less wasted foundation. I don't know how many times, with other foundations, I've wanted just a dab more in a certain spot, and gets enough product onto my hand to cover my entire face a second time.

I would recommend this foundation for people with skin leaning more towards the oily side, and normal skin, perhaps then as well with a moisturising primer underneath. This foundation truly deserves all the great reviews it's already been getting and if you've been on the fence about wether or not to get it, I definitely say go for it!

Above the foundation in 03 as it comes straight from the bottle, below blended out on my hand.


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