Review: Roge Cavailles Sebactiv Creme Matifiante Anti-Imperfections

This is probably not something I would have ever tried out had I not recieved a generous 3 samples of it, including a few others with a purchase I made in a french pharmacy last summer. When looking at all the products literally brimming over on the shelves in France, from both more familiar brands and others with nice appealing packaging, Roge Cavailles's 2 skincare products for the face are usually located at the bottom and not really ever talked about.

I first started bringing my small samples of this, one by one, with the rest of my kit when attending make-up school last year. After lending out my face and then removing the usually not-fit-for-daytime make-up look with a very abrasive face wipe, a moisturizer was very much a necessity. This did the trick.

It does have a bit of a smell to it. I'd describe it as rosy mixed with something citrusy, but I admit I am terrible with smells. The product itself is a rather thin white cream that is not at all runny, but not at all "creamy" either. This means you need very little product, and that is, as always, a huge plus.

It is also marketed at adults with "imperfections" and there aren't actually many products targeted directly at that. I know Clinique has their anti-blemish solutions and La Roche Posay has their effaclar line. But they aren't targeted specifically at adults with blemish-prone skin, but rather, anyone with blemish-prone skin. Not that that's the biggest issue, because I do rate LRP's Effaclar line, but it's nice when you are past 20 to not feel additionally annoyed with your skin, when you are reminded you are buying something your "supposed to" have stopped buying years ago.

That being said, back to my "story". I wouldn't always have my make-up done at school and wouldn't always use this, I had a few different samples at hand (in case one was suddenly empty) and did rotate somewhat. What I started noticing was that on days when I had applied this, in the evening I would notice my skin was more clear, less red, felt very "un-congested", like it could breathe, well moisturised and matte.

If you don't understand what I mean by "it could breathe", don't worry, just a reason to smile and realise you are lucky. If you do know what I'm talking about, then you really know what I am talking about! It wasn't long until I had used up all of my samples and decided this was something I definitely needed to get a full sized product of.

I would say this totals at about 12-15 euros, though my memory could serve me wrong. It could be as little as 7-8-9 as well, but it is somewhere around the 10 euro mark. The tube is 40ml and says to have an expiration date of 12 months.

After buying the full size and using it exclusively for almost two weeks, I did unfortunately come to the decision that this is not great as a daily moisturizer. It doesn't have enough benefits in it and I feel like my skin needs something more. However, I use this, and rely on this, as a treatment for those days when I feel like my skin is congested and it really really helps. It doesn't provide a lot of moisture, so it is also something I will apply in the middle of the day if I'm not wearing any make up, no matter. I also use it as a mattifying primer and it works brilliantly as that!


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