Haul: Soap&Glory Haul!

Or rather, a Boots haul actually, I just happen to love Soap & Glory products!
So I went on a little "trip" to Boots in Norway this weekend and stacked up on some products. For those of you living in London, a "trip" to Boots might seem a tad strange, as in London Boots is literally every which way you turn. But in Norway where I am at the moment, Boots are harder to come by.

Almost all of these products are new to me, except for SlimWear. I've used that in the past. I've previously reviewed Soap & Glory's 'The Firminator' - click here for review - which is kind of a similar product. They didn't have The Firminator, just SlimWear and SitTight, and SitTight costs a lot more so I went for this one.

I've loved Clean On Me - click here for review - and The Scrub Of Your Life - click here for review - but wanted to try Clean, Girls and Scrub Actually just to see what their like, and to have something new to review for you guys! Also, the 500ml body washes lasts forever and so I was pretty keen to finally be trying something new!

Hand Food I've heard so many good things about, and so I picked up this neat mini sized one to keep in my handbag. Heel Genius I am also quite excited to try as it's about to be full on summer and bare toes in water, sun and on burning hot sand can take it's toll.

Let me know if there's anything your really anxious to read a review on!


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