Excitement: Shiseido's Upcoming Fall Releases

I got to get a sneak peek at some of Shisheido's upcoming fall launches yesterday and thought I'd share the exciting news with all of you.

In the makeup department they are going to be releasing a new foundation that will be replacing their Lifting Foundation. The new foundation will also be for mature skin types, but will include a light-reflecting technology that they say help diffuse lines and wrinkles by minimizing the shadows they create. I had a look at it on my hand and I was quite impressed. I don't exactly have wrinkles on my hand, but I do have the tiny tiny lines like most people, so when I test foundations targeted for more mature skin types I like to see if they settle into those fine lines,  or smooth them over. This new foundation from Shiseido filled in the lines and hid them completely, so I would definitely be excited to try this foundation if you have mature skin.

I don't have any colour names at the moment unfortunately, but this is what they all look like anyway!

The other make up release is Shiseido's version of the stain/gloss/lipstick hybrid. Quite similar to the YSL Rouge Pur Couture's - click here for review - in texture and feel. They go on very opaque and glossy and is apparently not prone to sticking to your teeth. In all honesty I have only ever had this problem with lipstick, and not with my Rouge Pur Couture's, but I guess taking the YSL aside, comparing the new Shiseido gloss stains to regular lipstick, that is an exciting prospect. I did not wear them on my lips, I only applied them onto my hand for swatching, and they felt very creamy and luxurious.

I am most excited for the bottom left colour, it is a very vibrant bright pink! I am also quite keen on the medium dark pink next to the light pink as I feel it could be perfect for everyday, and the orange is very interesting, though a shame they're not releasing it in time for summer!

Shiseido is also re-vamping part of their White Lucency line. They are coming out with a new serum ment to target pigmentation marks. The serum has been in development for 15 years (Could have been 10 if my memory isn't serving me correctly, a long time anyway!) and so it is quite exciting. The serum goes deep into the skin, targets melanin and breaks it up. The difference between this serum and other serums doing a similar thing, the Shiseido serum only goes deep into the skin where there is "melanin clutter" and not everywhere else. Where you don't have pigmentation marks it stays more on the surface preventing new pigmentaion marks and helps keeping your skintone clear and even.

There is also a new eyecream that does the same as the old one in the White Lucency line; focuses on getting rid of dark cirlces, only the new one is a new and improved formula. I didn't catch exactly what had changed unfortunately, as I was busy reading the ingredients list of the serum.

All of this is ment to be released starting September, though no official release date has been set. These are some very exciting releases for Shiseido I think. I am especially keen on the bright pink lipstick/stain/gloss!



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    1. Thank you! I've already had your blog on bloglovin for a while actually! :) x

  2. Are they releasing any new hydro shadow colors?

  3. Drat! I was really hoping for a teal. Oh, well, I guess I will try the 'angel' shade for now.

    1. There's always the chance they'll release new shades in LE collections :) x


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