NOTD: Chanel 539 June

A great peach orange colour that I instantly fell in love with when it was released. I've been intrigued by full-on orange nails, but this softer, more yellow-y shade was more up my alley.

Excuse the crappy quality!

I applied this with Chanel's Base Lissante base coat and Laque Brillance Extreme top coat. I applied two coats and even then there was some sheerness where I could see a difference between the white and pink part of the nail, but just on some nails so I think that was down to applying a thinner layer on some. Drying time was fairly fast, but nothing groundbreaking.

The polish chipped almost immediately on one nail, but that was due to me opening a few boxes so I can't really blame the polish/varnish for that. Beyond the box it lasted the day I applied it and the day after, but the next day (I will call it day 3) there was chipping, but it was not that noticeable and was still wearable. On day 5 I had to take it off, it was chipped off everywhere and would have been embarrassing to walk around with.

Colour is where Chanel always gets it right. We all know the formula is not the best, and for the price their asking we really should know better. For half the price you can get killer formulas from OPI or even Rimmel, which is a personal favourite of mine, for even less than that! Still, Chanel creates the best nail colours for almost all the seasons where it's not just about the color, but the right shade and finish of it too. June is a lovely, lovely shade for summer. It's so fresh and delicious looking it makes me crave mango and peaches and the beach. It is also very flattering on semi-tanned hands and instantly makes any boring outfit a lot more fun. I both recommend and don't recommend this. The formula is not killer, and for the price it really should be, but the color is amazing and really did put a smile on my face every time I had a look down at my hands and that's pretty priceless, isn't it?



  1. This color looks so pretty! I saw other people's swatches but they don't look interesting at all! I think I need to try this one out :) thanks for sharing

  2. He he definitely, I was quite (pleasantly) surprised when I applied it as well, the color is really special! But that's Chanel, as always. Not the best formula in the world, but amaazing colors :)


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