NOTD: Essie 74 Tart Deco

Essie's Tart Deco is a bright orange peach color somewhat similar to Chanel's June, but a lot more orange. It's a great color for summer, but could easily be worn all year round in combination with more muted colors.

When applied the brush applies a decent amount of product, but it spills a bit outside on both sides (Unlike many Rimmel Professional Finish polishes!). As this was a fairly recent purchase I have only worn this once and when applied the formula was quite thick and I wondered how long the polish had been standing around in the store for before I bought it. Keep that in mind when reading the rest of the review.

With one coat the finish is very streaky, uneven and downright horrible. I would never wear it like this in public. On the positive side, it does dry quite quickly! With a second coat the polish is completely opaque, but even though I love a cream finish, it dries down to a very unflattering consistency. The finish is too matte and looks like something I can only describe as "It looks like if you pulled it off at one end of the nail the whole polish would come off together". It looks almost as if it's stuck on like nail stickers. Bad nail stickers, with the ends coming off and being uneven. Not a good look.

Usually I will write my last paragraph saying it grew on me and such and such, but not this time, unfortunately. I am sad as I do like the color very much, but I guess it's just not ment to be. I might try and blend it out with a bit of nail polish remover to see if it makes it any better. I'll update you if that works out, if not, I don't recommend this polish at all.

Not even a Dior pattern (from the Dior nail machine that's been making it's way around the world) can save this polish! But it does help :)



  1. Gorgeous colour!

    1. I know! Such a shame about the formula! Hopefully it's just my bottle that's old :)

  2. I have this color laying around somewhere, but haven't got to use it. When I do, I will get back to you about what I think of it :)
    I hope you don't mind I comment on so many of your posts, it's just that I love them a lot :) xx

    1. Of course not, I love it when people comment on my posts! Thank you for following and commenting, I am very flattered :) Also, please do let me know if your Tart Deco is any better than mine!! :D xx


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