NOTD: Rimmel Professional Finish in 313 Cocktail Passion

With only one application, Cocktail Passion disappoints. Rimmel's Lycra Pro Professional Finish is usually a winning formula for me, rivaling the likes of OPI an Essie, priced at almost 4 times what Rimmel is asking. The application is streaky, uneven, not opaqua and, in my opinion, unwearable.

Excuse the minor chipping, it's me and my cabinet's fault, we both take full responsibility.

With a second coat, the streaky finish is gone. The color is near full opacity, but not completely. All in all it is a nice color, a fresh coral perfect for summer. Taking the price into consideration, it's a pretty decent polish, but I feel somewhat underwhelmed as I have been so impressed by other Rimmel polishes in the past. The colour also seem to clash somewhat with my skintone, but that is personal and not really Rimmel's fault!

I removed the polish on day 5, but only as I was bored with the color and wanted to change it. What's written in the previous paragraphs were my first impressions when the polish was first applied, and I do feel quite differently now. The color definitely grew on me. It is fresh and fun for summer while still being wearable for most occasions as it is in the pink family. Staying power was excellent as always with Rimmel. Barely any chipping at all. I probably could have worn the polish for a whole week without problems, but that's just guesswork!

All in all it's an interesting color and if you want a new summer polish without spending too much, this could be a welcome addition to your collection.


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