Review: Bourjous Effet 3D Gloss in 03, 06, 18 and 46

Surprisingly (being a bright lips junkie), one of my all-time favourite glosses is a Chanel Brilliant Levres in 69, which is a purple brownish shade. When I picked up my first Bourjous Effet 3D Gloss in 03 it was mainly to see if it was in any way dupable with my Chanel staple.

Chanel glosses are way up there and while the Bourjous was a far cry from my Chanel gloss, the Bourjous glosses are brilliant all in their own right.

Above; Bourjous Effet 3D Gloss in 03 in top picture, and below 03 swatched next to Chanel Brilliant Levres in 69 for comparison. Bourjous' 03 is swatched to the right.

As you can probably tell I love these as I have quite a few. I want to keep buying more, but as I already own a clear, a brown, a pink and a red I'm pretty much covered and their other colours aren't too different from the ones I have.

Bourjous Effet 3D in 18

The glosses come in sleek see-through packaging with silver on the cap. The applicator is a little brush, much like the Chanel Brilliant Levres'. I love the applicator, it allows for a lot of control and precision both in terms of application and with controlling the amount of product.

 Bourjous Effet 3D in 46

Once on, the formula is very nice and hydrating and claims to hydrate lips for up to 8 hours. I haven't tested this exactly, but I am sure it could very well be true. My lips are never dry from or during wearing these.

Bourjous Effet 3D in 06

You can use these as a gloss, or as a stain. I love using them as both, but lately have been loving the latter. I apply a  little product to my lips, rub them together and then blot away the excess. All the glosses, except the clear of course, leave a nice natural tint to the lips with no sticky residue.

Swatched from left to right; 03, 18, 46 and 06.

When used as a full-on gloss these are some of the shiniest glosses around! Especially the Red 06 looks amazing over Revlon's Matte 006 Really Red! I've rocked that combination many times and my lips look like they are made of glass. I'm not the biggest fan of clear glosses as they aren't very exciting on their own, but it's something that's very nice to have when you want to add some gloss, but don't have the perfect matching colour to your lipstick. If you don't have a clear gloss and is looking to get one, I would definitely recommend the Bourjous one as it isn't very expensive, and honestly, a bargain in terms of the quality.

All in all I could not recommend these enough. I keep finding new uses and fun combinations all the time. They are beautifully hydrating and comfortable to wear, have amazing pigmentation, aren't sticky and comes at a bargain price being of better quality than a lot of high-end glosses, and just as good as the others.


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