Review: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B30

After hearing this raved about so much I've been keen to try it myself for quite a while. I was lucky enough that the lovely sales assistant at the Chanel counter I went to gave me three samples of the foundation to try.

This is what the full sized bottle looks like

The foundation is very lightweight and runny, but in a good way. This means it spreads easily, doesn't get cakey and sets quite easily. The finish is amazing. It is probably the most natural looking finish I have ever seen. It almost looks like your wearing no foundation at all! When first applied it doesn't cover much, but after it sets the foundation somehow manages to cover most minor flaws while still being one of the most lightweight, undetectable foundations around. I recommend applying one layer all over your face, or where you need it, starting on your eye make up while it sets, and then going over with more where your needed, or just a concealer. I choose to just go over with a concealer where I need it, but that is almost always my personal preference.

I have not worn the foundation on it's own without a primer, but I have worn it with different primers and with all of them the Vitalumiere Aqua lasts well from morning until evening. My t-zone can get a little oily and so I need touch-ups there, but with the use of a blotting paper that is all the touch ups necessary. I would still not call this a longwear foundation, it's got nothing on Lancomes Teint Idole Ultra 24h, but as the finish is more lightweight and natural, whatever fading there may be, is not that noticeable and so, to me at least, it's not a big deal.

As no shock to alot of you, to those that already own and love this foundation especially I'm sure, I love this and would definitely recommend it. It's the kind of product where you've known of it for ages and when you finally get around to trying it, your kicking yourself for not trying it sooner. It is a great foundation for anyone with normal skin, or any skintype verging on normal with a primer. The cover is light-medium in my opinion, so if you need heavy duty cover in many areas, it would be better and easier to go with a more full cover foundation.

This foundation is worthy of all it's hype, I keep checking myself in the mirror when I am wearing it being amazed every time at how great my skin looks. I would definitely, definitely recommend checking it out and I am beyond excited to purchase a full sized bottle of this. I expect this will be a re-purchase for many years to come! Finally I have found something to cover the hole Pro Lumiere left in my heart!

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  1. thank you for this! ive been searching the internet ALL day in the search of finding a great foundation and this one and the lancome one you mentioned seem to be the most popular among the blogs i've read today.
    which one would you say you prefer? the chanel or the lancome foundation?


    1. Hey! Hard to say, they are both great foundations, but different.. The Lancome Teint idole Ultra 24H gives more coverage and is better for oilier skin types, as well as really lasting for a long time. The Chanel is less coverage, but does cover more than you think initially when it does set. At the moment I am using Chanel's the most, I've been using it pretty much everyday since buying it.. And I think that says it all! I don't have a bad word to say about the Teint Idole Ultra 24H though, but I've just ended up using the Chanel one more so I'd have to be honest and say I do prefer that one! :) Hope that helped! :) x x


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