Review: Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Soothing Face Cream

This was my second purchase from the Mega-Mushroom line. Following my undoubtedly successful purchase of the face mask I could only hope this would live up to my expectations.

While I was beyond happy with the face mask - click here for review -, truth was, I do lead quite a busy life, therefore all the more reason to need the mask, but in so, I don't always have 10 minutes to sit around with a mask on, no matter how nice it is. I guess I technically could find 10 minutes, but when you've been stuck at work for hours, getting home later than 22:00, all you want to do is jump straight into bed.

And so one day I had the genius idea of buying the cream from the same line and use as a night treatment on days when I needed the mask, but couldn't be bothered. There is a night cream in the line, but I did not want to buy it as I was afraid it might be too heavy for my skin. So instead I went for the heavier day cream.

It's not as intense as the mask, but that's almost self-explanatory and no one expected it to be. What it is though, is almost just as good at treating my skin. When I apply this I get the same feeling as when I wear the mask, my skin is in heaven! Just like with the mask I can feel my skin relaxing and calming down. It gives perfect moisture to my skin overnight, but has never once broken me out! I wake up to clear, glowy, healthy skin!

One note; I ran out of my regular night time moisturizer; Lancome Hydra-Zen Nuit - click here for review - and so used this every night for a few weeks until my next out-of-country trip (I prefer shopping DutyFree as I travel a lot, so it makes sense!). It did turn out to be a bit too heavy to use every night. It is also possible that my skin got just a bit too used to it, and so it kind of lost it's effect. Once switched back to only occasional uses, the face cream has returned to it's previous glory and has earned it's place on my all-time-favorites list. This is a must have on my bathroom counter and I don't see myself ever being without this.



  1. Hi, great review. Can this be used under makeup or will it be too heavy? Thanks

    1. Thanks! :) Hm.. good question. I use this as a nighttime moisturiser as it would definitely be too heavy during the day for my skin, I use the face lotion for combination/oily skin during the day and that works wonders!

      This cream is ment for dry skin and does hydrate a whole lot. Unless you have dry or dehydrated skin I would recommend looking at the face lotion for use during the day instead. If you like that one, I'd recommend getting this one for use during the nighttime like I do or for days when your skin is dry. Of course, if you have dry skin then I'd say go for it, absolutely! :) x x


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