Review: Sephora Full Action Extreme Effect Mascara

Sephora's Full Action Extreme Effect Mascara claims to be a 7 actions in 1 mascara, promising to both thicken, lenghten, separate, curve, nourish, strengthen and protect. Is this a case of biting of a bit more than is possible to chew, or have we witnessed the creation of the perfect mascara?

The product I have (pictured) is a sample and not the full-sized product.

Hardly. When I, and quite excitedly so, applied this mascara for the first time I think my experience could be described as the definition of underwhelmed. It did absolutely nothing. The 7 in 1 mascara did absolutely nothing! In terms of it "strenghtening, nourishing and protecting" my lashes, well, who knows. But when it comes to the more obvious thickening, lenghtening, separating and curving, I'd say seperating is the only one impressing from the whole 7 word long bunch.

Because this mascara really seperates. In an effort to get some of the much toted about volume I kept working with the mascara, applying and applying, but nothing happened. My lashes were no longer and no thicker. But my god were they seperated. While re-applying mascara continuosly to the lashes usually ends up a bit of a clumpy mess, my lashes stayed perfectly seperate.

In the end I am very happy I received a sample of  this and did not get the full sized version. A little tip for Sephora is to loose the thickening, lengthening and curving part and to just focus on the separating. Sure they could throw in those about nourishment as well if they think it will sell, but the fact of the matter is that Sephora has created an amazing mascara for people wanting a superstar at keeping their lashes clump free. If marketed correctly this mascara could get a lot more points in my book, but as it is claiming to do all those other things, and doesn't, I also can't recommend it.


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