Review: Shiseido Brilliant Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Gel for Face/Body

On the way towards full-on summer I've been testing out a few self-tanners both for you guys and myself, obviously. Third on the list was Shiseido's Brilliant Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Gel.
This is what the full-sized product looks like, picture courtesy of Shiseido.com

I cleverly picked up three samples of this instead of gambling my money on it. Each of these samples hold 12ml and one bottle almost covered my body except for both my feet and bottom of my legs. I did use this somewhat generously, but felt it was necessary to make sure I got an even application as it spread easier that way.

The gel is ment to be tinted, but I'd say it isn't. I did have the slightest tan when applying this, so it is possible the slight tint would have showed up if I was paler. Shiseido is a Japanese brand and a lot of their products are based on their asian market, so taking that into account, perhaps it is tinted for some, but not for me.

You can see the beads slightly in the bottle here

When I first poured some of the product into my hand I noticed little orange beads. A bit shocked I thought I had gotten the wrong sample and had gotten a scrub instead. But no, it was the right product and once rubbed onto your skin the beads disappear. They do not exfoliate at all, and are undedectable on application. The gel has quite a lot of shimmer in it, perhaps this is released from the beads when massaged in.

Drying time is not fast, nor slow, just your average self-tanner drying time. Once applied the tan almost instantly starts developing. As the gel is not really tinted you can really keep track on how tan your getting by checking yourself in the mirror every 20 minutes or so. I'd say I waited alittle over an hour before putting loose clothes on top. I would never have put on skinny jeans or nice clothes on top even then, but I am completely paranoid about these things. I think someone a little less fuzzy could have put on clothes sooner, but I wouldn't recommend it, cause you never know. As summer has officially begun I have my spinning fan out and stood in front of that to help with drying time, an excellent tip for anyone wanting to speed up the process!

The tan itself I have to say I was quite impressed with. It is definitely a medium tan, as described on the bottle, and it is definitely not as dark as Bare Escentuals' Faux Tan - click here for  review -. The tan is very natural and glowy and the glitter from the gel wears off quite quickly. After washing the product off I am left with no streaks, even where it seemed I had some with the product still on. The tan is even, beautiful and completely natural. It starts slowly fading after 3 days, but naturally, so if you don't care at this point it's easy to just let it fade, or you can re-apply.

I did also apply this to my face and this is one of the few self-tanners I have tried that doesn't sink into pores and then as it develops, make it look like you have about a gazillion blackheads. Big BIG plus for that!

This product surprised me as I didn't expect to like it this much, but I do. I really like it. It still doesn't rival the Bare Minerals Faux Tan in terms of actual color achieved, but even if the tan is more subtle the formula is a big winner in my book, especially with the no-blackheads achievement! I'd definitely recommend this, especially to paler ladies!


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