Review: Shiseido Pureness Exfoliating Cleanser, Toner and Mattifying Moisturizer

I just realised the other day that I haven't written a review on this line yet and I can't believe it's taken me this long to get around to. Some of you may be very well aquainted with Shiseido's skincare, but I find a lot of people haven't tried much from the range. That included me up until about a year ago. My skin was slowly clearing up, but I was still looking for that perfect skincare routine that would finally get it back to it's previous good state. On my way to Cannes last summer I picked up the tester kit at the airport and so the adventure began...

If you are interested in trying this line I definitely recommend the tester kit. The products included are fairly good value and lasts quite a long time. The moisturizer especially lasted me over 3 months. I think in total I tested this out a good 2 months before I ran out of the toner first, and made my first full sized purchase. I soon owned all of the full sized products, and it is the full sized products that are pictured here.

The line consists of three products; an exfoliating cleanser, an alcohol-free exfoliating toner and an oil-free mattifying moisturiser.

The Exfoliating Cleanser comes in a 100ml tube, that is just perfect to take in your carry-on for travel, and the product itself is a white cream with blue microbeads inside. When massaged into the skin you can sometimes slightly feel the beads, but usually not at all. I always remove my make-up seperately and prior to washing my face so I can't comment on how well this removes make-up, but I would imagine it would take it all off (Not eye make-up, I would not recommend putting this anywhere close to the eyes). It's a great cleanser that I can feel really cleanses my skin, it lathers up nicely and doesn't dry my skin out.

The toner I think is the star product of this line. The exfoliating toner is not a new thing by far, almost every skincare brand has one and Clinique's famous 3-Step System is based entirely around one. Therefore I am not sure wether or not this is really better than any other exfoliating toner, but I do like it, and if you have oily and/or acne-prone skin I definitely recommend using an exfoliating toner. It is also alcohol-free, which I would recommend to everyone to try and make sure all of their toners are. When applied it feels very refreshing on the skin and leaves it nice and soft, instead of dry and screaming for moisturizer like so many other toners. The smell of this is also amazing. It doesn't really smell of much, it's barely noticeable and so the scent-shy can definitely use this. It's more of an "aroma" and it just smells clean. Smell it and you'll know what I mean. One issue I have with this is the pump. It squirts out way too little with one pump and way too much with the recommended three. I've settled on two, but then I find the pad a little dry. I guess the recommended 3 is great if you don't mind going through one of these a month, and you will, but for those on a budget the pump is not your best friend.

Shiseido's basic moisturisers from both the Pureness and The Skincare line I feel are just that, basic moisturisers. The The Skincare one adds good moisture perfect for younger skin not keen on getting involved in the anti-age market, and the Pureness one adds just the right amount to help balance combination to oily skin. I've had this around for a while now. It is not my favourite moisturiser, nor will it ever be. It doesn't do much fancy stuff like some of my other moisturisers do, but when I just want a bit of moisture, I do tend to reach for this one. It doesn't keep my t-zone from getting a bit oily on hot, humid summer days, but it does a fairly good job at it. The light texture also means it lasts for ages and ages as you need so little product to cover your entire face.

This line did end up being the last song and dance before my skin finally cleared up completely and I had it somewhat under control. All in all I would recommend it to anyone with problem skin looking for something new to try. It is efficient without being too harsh or abrasive and it really did help clear my skin up! I have re-purchased both the cleanser and the toner several times.

 If you are short on cash and want to spend a little less than what the Shiseido line costs, I think it could be the combination of products that are what works instead of necessarily the products themselves. I have only used the Shiseido Pureness products in this combination, so can only recommend them based on my own experience, but, I would think that if you were to find an exfoliating cleanser, exfoliating toner and a light oil-free moisturizer from a drugstore brand, it could have a similar effect and could be worth a try!


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