Review: Smashbox Photo Finish Light

Anyone that reads beauty blogs will have heard about the Smashbox Photo Finish Light. A staple in many a beauty junkie's collection, I was rather late to try my own hand at this bestseller. Could it possibly live up to it's hype?

Sometimes when you buy, no scratch that, quite often when you buy hyped up products, or when I buy them anyway, I am left somewhat underwhelmed. They are usually not bad products, but merely so-so. Most of the time this will be products hyped up by magazines and certain yearly awards and makes one wonder if any of the beauty editorials we've read in magazines in the past have been based on anything but who was willing to pay most money.

Politics aside.. Smashbox's Photo Finish is something I discovered in the "blogosphere", from what I like to believe are honest make up lovers wanting to add their opinion to the mix, so that other fellow consumers never has to make the same money wasting purchases they've made already.

For some reason, despite it's rave reviews, Smashbox never really "tickled my fancy". I am a sucker for packaging, and let's face it, Photo Finish, be that the regular or light version, aren't exactly glamorous looking. Then again, the packaging is light, sleek and can easily be taken in a handbag for travelling. So actually, short of being lined with real gold and Swarovski crystals, it's perfect.

The product itself is a white thick consistency that easily smoothes over the skin and doesn't clump or "ball up". Instructions say merely to "Apply to clean or moisturized skin". I don't wait around before applying foundation with this, maybe a few seconds or so, but not the 2 minutes or more that some other primers demand. Whatever I then apply over this goes on like a dream. This truly is a wonder product I can't believe I didn't pick up sooner! However good a foundation may be, this makes it twice as good. It covers up pores and lines smoothing out the surface, provides (in combination with foundation) a more even skin tone, even with light coverage foundations and keeps the make up on for longer. This is hands down one of the best, most impressive primers I have ever tried. This is what a primer is supposed to do!

If you haven't given this a try yet then I highly recommend you do! I have only tried the oil-free version and so can only recommend what I've tried, but I know there's a normal version and a hydrating one that I hope could be just as good. It's never irritated or broken out my sensitive skin for anyone worried about that. I can only say; It's fantastic, if you want/need a (new)primer, try this!

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  1. I really like the original version of this, such a good make up base. x

    1. Ohh happy to hear the original version is great too! I am LOVING this primer at the moment :) x


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